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Splash off, Diveagar is Coming! By Yaseen

Diveagar Beach!

Hello everyone, my name is Yaseen. I am going to tell you about Diveagar Beach. This is the first place I began my travel when I was 3 months old. Diveagar is a tourist place. It is a fun beach village.

We woke up early in the morning to drive to Diveagar, and we reached just in time for lunch. The resort or rather our temporary home is called Grand Ambience.

While my mother and father were talking, I was reading my favorite comic books, Sonic the Hedgehog. We ate fish Thali. So, while we

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Almatti Dam

As we were traveling along NH50 from Hampi on our way back to Pune, I didn’t want the trip to end. Actually, I didn’t want these past few days to end because soon my sister and my mom would be going back home to Thailand. This was our last trip together until they returned after a couple of months. I didn’t feel good at all because I knew the house would be a lot quieter after they’d gone.

I kept aside that sadness and tried to make the best of the little time we had. I don’t know why

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Vegan Kimchi

I remember the first time I tried Korean food at a mall near my apartment in Bangkok. It was also the first time I tried Kimchi. And to be honest, I couldn’t decide if I like it. I immediately thought that it was like ‘Som Pak’, a pickled cabbage and green onion dish which we usually had with fishy dip. I recalled calling it Som Pak on Steroid because Kimchi made red hot chili burn my tongue and the delightful fishy scent stung my nose at the same time.

When I moved to India was when I began to

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Top 10 Places to Visit in Hampi

About 5 years ago, I think, when we saw Hampi for the first time, my heart skipped a beat. I was overwhelmed by the beautiful mystery. I remember seeing the magnificent structures scattered all over the narrow roads. And as we entered the site, I went completely fanatic because I didn’t know where to start. Every single spot here has years of history engraved on the rocks. I knew right away that we wouldn’t be able to see everything in a little time we had.

So, we’re so happy to be back. And as we slowly drove closer to

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How to make Thai Ice Milk Tea

Even though I have posted this recipe before, I have a strong urge to tell you about this Thai Ice Milk Tea again. Maybe it’s because of the weather. The cold breezes parade into our house when we open a door to a balcony in the morning. I love the fresh air of the dawn when it isn’t so polluted and noisy yet. The ambiance is cold and relaxing, making me think of those weekend mornings of winter back at home in Thailand. I remember forcing myself to wake up so I could go to the “fresh market” where it

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Decluttering and Organizing Ideas (Do this before New Year)

Are you excited about 2018? I am. Ever since we adopted Minimalism into our lives, it has been a positive journey. But I should also admit that while we try our best to stick to this concept, every now and then, we fall off track. Even so, Minimalism has a huge impact on our lives. Last year, I bought significantly lesser clothes than before. We stopped buying unnecessary kitchenware. Yaseen only bought a few toys in the past 12 months while he spent more on books. We still buy stuff, but each purchasing decision now becomes very conscious and intentional.

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Local Vegetable Market in India

For the past 3 weeks, we have been visiting a local vegetable market near us. We knew about this for years but never made it a habit to buy food from there until recently. I think we’re too pampered and maybe too lazy. At the market, it’s chaotic, and finding parking space is a challenge, unlike everything you can have in the malls. But then one day, when we decided to change things up a little bit, we went back to this market again. This time, we’re hooked.

My mother and sister tagged along to check out the market,

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Stir Fried Squid with Yellow Curry Powder

We have been very careful about purchasing seafood since an incident last year. I have to say that it has been hard because the fresh quality supplies don’t come around very easily where we live. But that’s something we have to live with, and it gets us scared to think what will happen to food in the future. Last week when we went to Talashil Beach, we enjoyed eating a lot of delicious seafood which was caught and cooked on the very same day. It was such a wonderful feeling to be able to trust your food so completely. When

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Talashil Beach

We don’t usually stay home during Diwali. It’s simply because the boys have a little break so we could go somewhere nice outside our little home. This time we looked at the map, thinking we could use some warm sand under our bare feet. Well, we picked the destination right out of the map. We just pointed at that beach on a tiny peninsula, and it’s called Talashil Beach.

I love being in the car. Maybe sometimes I like it even better than being at the places we’re driving to.

The landscapes and sceneries that keep playing on

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Thanale Caves Trek

Since we’ve failed to get to Thanale Caves on September 16th, visiting the caves had been on my mind. So on the very next weekend, Thanale Caves became our priority. We made our way to Thanale Village early morning. The locals suggested us to take a guide because the trail is quite confusing and slithering through a dense forest. We would recommend you to have an expert on this trip as well because the route can be quite tricky, and you might not realize it, but if you got lost here, you would be frustrated and your entire plan could

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