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Crispy Mushroom and Tofu Curry


I’m excited about the coming trip. It’s that time of the year again when we can drive down south to visit our family in Kerala. As usual, I will be getting something for the kids, Yaseen’s cousins. My in-laws don’t encourage us to spoil them, but we can’t help because we want to do just that since we’re not with them all the time. Sadik’s family is very practical and simple, and the kids are raised so down to earth, and I really admire that. Yaseen is going to have an amazing time with his cousins, and I’m looking forward

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Split Lentil and Kale Stew


I used to hate vegetarian food to the point that I would be really upset when I had to be in all-vegetarian restaurants. Meat was such a big part of the food I grew up eating. I thought a meal without animal proteins was incomplete and unfulfilled. Living in India has changed my perspective about food, and I gradually came out of my shell and started enjoying food regardless of what it lacks. Now for me, good food is beyond what is on a plate but the experience, the journey, the story, and what it can potentially do to your

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Jeaw Hon (Isaan Meat Soup)


The other day, Yaseen asked me what weather we’re in right now. I was speechless for a whole minute because I truly didn’t know what kind of weather we were in at the moment. I told him “Well, we’re kind of in the end of rainy season and on the way to winter.” He seemed confused because both weather didn’t seem to include the blazing sunlight. The thing is we can ignore Global Warming Crisis all we want, but our world is changing. We have never been in this kind of awkward weather talk before. It’s strange to tell your

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A Friend of an Introvert


When I was in school, my sister mocked me that I didn’t have any friend. I grew up weird. Well, I was a tomboy who went to the woods after school and played a lone ranger by myself. I didn’t like to be around people, and I was a square peg. I spent most of my time sketching and writing stories in my room. My sister, on the other hand, was popular, and she had a lot of friends. I remember feeling a little jealous sometimes because being in a big squad showed that you’re interesting and cool. Who wouldn’t

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Stir Fried Noodle with Chicken and Mushroom


A perfect life— I used to tell myself that I would be happier if I had achieved certain goals. For examples, I would be delighted to have my novels on the shelves of the leading bookstores, it would be amazing when we finally got our house repainted, oh it will be perfect if I lost 10 pounds, and I would be really happy in the future when we’re living by the lake and doing nothing. Well, sometimes we think about the future so much, we forgot about the moment right here right now when we can be happy, too.

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Tofu and Mushroom with Seaweed Soup


It’s another busy week in this household. Yaseen is having mid-term exams at the moment, and Sadik is in the south for the conference. It’s tough when I have to run the show alone. Usually, Sadik helps me get Yaseen ready for school while I cook them breakfast and pack lunch. Now I have to run around the house doing both things while time seems to move faster than usual. Well, on the bright side, I have to cook for 2, and Yaseen and I like the same food.

I love light dinner on lazy days. Although I have

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How to Make Thai Chicken Meatballs


If you are living abroad, you will understand the struggle of making your kitchen feel like home. Whenever I travel back to India from Thailand, I stuff my luggage with food items we don’t normally get here. I often pack dried calamari, shrimp paste, chili paste, condiments, local snacks and sweet. Luckily, we have a nearby supermarket that stocks Thai ingredients now, but we still don’t get everything.

Thai food I miss the most is Loog Chin or Thai meatballs. They’re varieties of meatballs which can be made with chicken, beef, pork, fish, shrimp and even calamari. Meatballs are

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Boon Khow Saag : Thai Festival of Offering


It was a holiday so I was allowed to sleep in a little longer. I loved cold air coming from the windows in the morning. It made me realize how lucky I was to be home. I could hear traditional Isaan music trembling in the air. The village community building had been playing the songs since dawn. I could hear the commotion in the kitchen downstairs, and the aroma of Krachai (Thai ginger root) was so aromatic, purling throughout the house. I knew right away that my mom’s Red Chicken Curry with Eggplants and Blood Custard was ready. My parents

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Life Update 1: I can’t Cook


I’m trying to savor the comfort of rainy season as much as possible. To be honest, we can’t really call it rainy season anymore. It’s cloudy, gloomy, mysterious and cozy, but there aren’t enough drops of water to make the soil wet. We are on the way to winter, another of my favorite seasons. I’m looking forward to the cold nights with hot chocolate and blanket while snuggling the boys and watching old horror movies. But right now, the cloudy sky allows me enjoy the weather outside so I write in my balcony where my jasmine plants slither on the

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Update from the Farm:  September 2016


You guys remember Update from the Farm series in this blog? If you have been following us for a while, you probably know the story of my parents’ farm in Khon Kaen Province, Thailand. In those posts, I wrote about what happened in our humble land with the pictures my parents sent to me. The series abruptly stopped when my dad passed away, and everyone, including our land, was in deep sorrow, grieving for him.

In years, my family abandoned the farm because we had lost inspiration and a great leader. The soil turned dry, the heat evaporated the

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