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Pla Ra Substitute

Pla Ra Substitute 6

Food nostalgia is a common sickness when you live away from home. Although we cook 80% Thai food at home here in India, but the flavor of it is difficult to come close to the simple food cooked with rustic fresh ingredients only available in Thailand. I’ve learned to adapt and adjust to make my food here taste like home, but my kitchen in India will always lack of that something, and it always makes me miss home food in Thailand like crazy.

Pla Ra or Thai Preserve Fish is the most important ingredients in Isaan region (Northeast) of

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Thai Cucumber Salad (Isaan Style)

Thai Cucumber Salad 1

In my childhood, during summer vacation in Thailand, I used to work so many random jobs to earn extra cash that I could splurge on Sailor Moon stickers. We weren’t poor, but my parents always encouraged me to work so I could learn something from the experiences. I used to work at a gas station. I used to sell snacks door-to-door. I used to cross-checked accounting work. I used to make mats from reeds, and oh my God, I used to collect the reeds from the shallow lake full of leeches. Yike! I used to go hunting and collecting forest

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Tom Kha Pla (Thai Coconut Fish Soup)

Tom Kha Fish 2

In Thailand, Tom Kha and Tom Yum Dishes are served with meal and rice. They’re not served as soup like how you get them in the restaurants around here. The spicy fragrant broth is perfect for keeping the meal exciting. This is the fish version of the delicious famous Tom Kha Gai. I use the chunky kingfish in this dish, and it gives the wonderful sweetness in the creamy white broth.

Tom Kha Pla is very easy to make. It takes roughly 10 minutes or so to cook. The hard work is in the prepping because if you want

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Silent Valley Video

Silent Valley Kerala 12

Silent Valley is a beautiful national park in the central of Kerala State of India. It’s a beautiful, thick and rich forest, and a home to thousands of wild animals. Here is our Silent Valley Video. It’s very close to our hearts and our home. I hope you enjoying watching it.

Silent Valley

Watch Silent Valley on Youtube here

Travel opens us up and it makes us fall in love with nature. When you love, you care….and you want to save it.

Love, Tes

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Colorful Prawn Fried Rice

Prawn Fried Rice 3

Prawn Fried Rice is one of those dishes we made often. It’s easy to cook, and comforting to eat. On the busy days, Prawn Fired Rice is perfect to whip up for lunch and dinner. And believe it or not, we even have it for breakfast.

Today I’m going to break my golden rule of cooking simple food. I know I say this too many times that I don’t like to see baby corns, bell peppers, green peas, and other funky vegetables in my fried rice. The basic rustic rice with a little meat and eggs in greasy garlic

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Fish Markets in India That We Love

Barad Cole fish market 2

Fish markets in India are the beautiful chaos of people who love the seas. If you follow us for a while now, you will know about our fascination on fish markets. I think when you love cooking, you want to go extra miles for the freshest produce. And if you love seafood, fish markets are the only places you can find the fresh catches. Sometimes they’re still alive, you know.

While navigating in the crowded fish markets in India, I found some of the most amazing sea creatures. I love experimenting, and most of the time, I ask for

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Milo Milkshake

Milo Milkshake 3 small

I still drink Milo. Milo and Ovaltine are chocolate and malt powder mix like Boost, Horlicks and Bournvita in India. We get Milo here in an imported section of our supermarket. These things are popular with kids, so some of my friends think it’s weird that I still drink it all the time.

To be honest, if I have to pick between coffee and Milo, it’s Milo any day. The smooth flavor of it reminds me of the early morning hours in Thailand. Swirls of chocolate scent purl from the cup. We usually flavor it with sweeten condensed milk.

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On Summer Hill | Walk with Us

Walk with us- summer mountain

Walk with Us is a video series on our YouTube channel. All videos are just about 3 minutes or less. We just wanna share a glimpse of our life here in India. A morning walk is really lovely and it makes us feel cozy and happy. Let us know where else you want us to take you for a little walk. You wanna see our local market or you wanna go to a quiet lake after this?

On Summer Hill | Walk with Us | Tes at Home

Watch On Summer Hill on Youtube here

Love, Tes

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Travel Video: Hampi, Karnataka, India

Hampi Part 2 Pic 17

This is one of the most memorable trips we had. Hampi is a beautiful ancient city in the state of Karnataka, India. It’s was once a capital of the Vijayanagara Empire. The ruins of Hampi are now the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Hampi should be on your travel list. It’s magnificent and filled with histories.

Hampi Ft. Local Musician

Watch Hampi Ft. Local Musician on YouTube here

Thanks for washing. See you on our next trip.

Love, Tes


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Teriyaki Squid

teriyanki squid 7

We always love the vibrant scene of our local fish market. It was always crowded, noisy, and colorful. Last Sunday, Sadik and I went to buy fresh seafood. We want to get some squid for dinner sometimes this week. Our fish monger tried to sell us giant squids when we told him we only need 3 of them. Each squid weighted about a kilo. They were massive, and even one was bigger than what was required. Through the busy crowd and commotion, we told him to give us some medium size squids. I wouldn’t know what to do with the

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