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Tung Fort

Tung Fort Trek 2016 12

Monsoon Trekking Season is here, and the weather has been wonderful. Actually, I wish it rained a little harder because we actually wanted a messy trip filled with water and mud. We decided to pick Tung Fort on the bank of Pawna Lake to be our first destination. And here’s our little video of this trip. Please check it out, and I hope you enjoy it.

Tung Fort 2016

Watch Tung Fort 2016 here on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=es8NVboN3Hs

Tung Fort

Tung Forts locates near Tungiwadi Village in Pune District, Maharashtra State of India. The fort has an elevation of

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How to Season Cast Iron Wok on Stove

Season Cast Iron 9

I think my favorite part of cooking is the beginning, besides at the end of it is not my cup of tea. You know what I mean. After cooking, your kitchen is turned upside down, and it’s the tiring task to clean up the mess. But back to the happy side of cooking, turning on the gas stove and heat up the big wok, and pour the oil in the hot iron surface. The heat cradle the oil gingerly, the smoke swirls from the crisp dark wok, and then bruised cloves of garlic fall into the hot oil. When the

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Thai Cashew Nut Salad

Yum Cashew nuts 13

The weather has been very cool and gloomy. The inside of my house has not received any sunlight for two weeks now. It doesn’t rain that much, but the sky is really dark. Actually, I like this ambience. It seems awfully cozy and mysterious in a way. My mind wanders to a place like the town of Innsmouth in H.P. Lovecraft’s tale. I write a lot these days, and I love to think that rainy season is responsible for my productivity.

The downside of having so limited sunlight is the difficulty of producing some decent pictures for my recipe

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Yum Mama | Instant Noodle Salad

Yum Mama 9

Yum is a spicy dish with explosive flavor in a mix of fresh delicious things. Yum in Thai Language basically means mixing so I think it is equivalent to salad dishes, except, you know, Thai Salad is spicier and more pungent than most salad dishes out there.

In school, I used to live on Instant noodles. I’m not kidding when I say I used to eat it every day. I grew up eating Mama noodles, and they came in many flavors and textures. It’s not the healthiest choice, I admit, but it’s what kept the students like me doing

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Get Ready for Monsoon

Get Ready for Monsoon 1

Rainy season is here in Pune. Although the rain is so little in the city, but I heard that it rains heavily in the mountains and hill stations. Finally we can have the water back in the lakes, and our farmers can sow and grow our food.

Rain makes everything so alive. I can picture the velvety green mountains and the water gushes out from the cracks of the rocks. It’s time to go trekking in the rain. So we are going to go out every week to explore the beautiful monsoon.

Here is our new video on how

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Be a Conscious Kid

Stuff from the trip 13

We gave our son Yaseen a Samsung tablet to play with since he was little. He is 7 years old now, and he’s going to be 8 this August. God, how time flies! He is going to be taller than me in a few years. Anyway, the 5 years old device has many problems so he stopped playing with it. Sadik suggested maybe we should buy him a new one— new version, a better one. We talked about that and realized that we shouldn’t do so.

We noticed that when Yaseen is with any kind of gadgets, or even

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Kanji (Kerala Rice Porridge)

Kanji 5

Have you ever play the game called Opposite? Yaseen taught us this game. We always play it while we are on a long road trip. In Opposite game, you are supposed to ask each other the yes-or-no questions. It’s a good way to learn more about someone. The fun part of the game is you have to always give the wrong answer. The game works when you intentionally want someone to say something wrong about themselves. For example; when I asked Yaseen “Are you 30 years old?” he should answer “Yes.” And if I asked Sadik “Is your hair pink?”

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Harvesting Jackfruit in the Rain


It’s raining generously in Kerala. The sky is dark, and cold water drops on the roofs. It’s green everywhere. Rain water helps boosting the beautiful produce here.

Today we are harvesting the jackfruits!

Here is new video on jackfruits harvesting in Kerala rain.

Jackfruit Harvest in Kerala

Watch Jackfruit Harvest in Kerala on Youtube here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReXP9oh8GjY

Jackfruit is a tropical fruit that can grow really big in size. A jackfruit tree can bore dozens and maybe a hundred fruits at once.

Jackfruits are huge, and they have thick spiky skin. On the inside, there is soft sweet

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Udupi to Kerala

Malpe Beach 3

I never thought I would fall in love with the town of Udupi. We drove pass it dozens of time, but it had never felt like this. I think when you get out of your comfort zone and open your heart to something, then you can truly discover the hidden passion within. Udupi is beautiful and charming. We took an expected turn to discover its vivacious beauty. And I can’t wait to return to this town.

Here is our journey video of this drive.

Udupi to Kerala

Watch Udupi to Kerala here on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSSxGmDTd78

After a trip

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Malpe Beach, Udupi

Malpe Beach 7

If you’re wondering why we haven’t posted any cooking post recently, it’s because we ran out of cooking gas again. We have been living without cooking in our kitchen for a week now, and hopefully the cooking gas will be delivered to our house today. And well, I hope you are not bored of my travel tale because we are going to chill at the beach today.

Malpe Beach is a colorful beach in Malpe Beach town of Udupi, Karnataka State, India. The beach is very close to National Highway 66. You need to take an internal road about

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