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Satay Fish Cakes with Thai Papaya and Carrot Salad

Fish Cake and Papaya Salad 2

I miss street food in Thailand so much I can’t even begin to explain it. After school, strolling around the streets and eat on the side of the road was nothing less than a lifestyle. I loved meatballs on skewers which were drenched in sticky sweet and spicy sauce, delightful mini crepes filled with coconuts or soft meringue, banana fritters and so much more— but one dish I had to have almost every day was papaya salad. I mean it. Everyday! Spicy and pungent, papaya salad was some sort of addiction. And maybe a form of torture I may say.

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Tenderloin Strips with Cheesy Corn Mashed Potato and Sauté Vegetables

Tenderlion Strips with Corn mashed potatoes 1

Before I’m taking you on another travel story, we should stop and eat real quick. Some of my readers wrote to me that they’ve been missing my recipes. And yes, I have been writing a lot about travelling and didn’t have time to update the new recipes. So here goes today I’m cooking something simple and delicious.

I marinated tenderloin strips with some pureed pear, soy sauce, mirin, garlic and white pepper over night in refrigerator. I love marinating meat and storing it in the fridge or freezer. Not only this thing can come in handy when I need

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Shivaji Trails: Visapur Fort

A Trek to Visapur Fort 35

Hey folks! I’m back with another trekking story of the Shivaji Trails Series. And guess where have we recently been to?

If you’ve followed our trekking story for a while now, you’d know we had a long history with Visapur Fort. We tried to conquer it twice and failed miserably. But this time, luck was on our side, and we powered through the rough trail and made it to the top! Woohoo! Yes, we did!

Visapur Fort located near Visapur Village, 2.5 km from Malavli Railway Station in Pune District, Maharashtra, India. It has an elevation of 1,084 meters

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Shivaji Trails: Tikona Fort

Tikona Fort 17

I am running quite late on updating the post on Shivaji Trails. Last two week, we have been to Tikona Fort and Visapur Fort, but I didn’t have time to write about any of them. Having been on a trek every weekend since we started Shivaji Trails, this wonderful journey keeps challenging us in so many levels. Trekking is fun, adventurous, accelerating, and it’s such a great activity to be a part of with my family and friends.

2 weeks ago, we visited Tikona Fort, the hill fort near Povana Lake. The fort is located near Kamshet at the

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Hampi Part 1: Krishna Temple and Krishna Bazaar

humpi part 1 pic 4

Sunrise in Hospet, we were tucked in the blanket. Though we planned to leave for Hampi at 6 am, we thought we deserved to be pampered in the warm bed a little longer. I had such a big expectation today. We basically changed the ending of our journey and squeezing every Rupee we had left to get us another day on the trip.

And now, as I’m writing about Hampi, I find myself overwhelmed by the memories and the pictures I took on this trip. I cannot fit everything into one post. I don’t even know how many posts

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Thai Chicken Yellow Curry with Rice Noodle

Noodle with Yellow Curry 1

This time of the year, when I visit the local markets, I smell something lovely— that fresh mint, a little bit of that earthy dill and the pungent aroma of coriander leaves. Everything was fresh like they have just shot from the ground.

I feel like my kitchen has been blessed when I place these fresh ingredients on the kitchen counter. The fragrant is beautiful and inspiring. Then I’m starting to think of what I should do with them.

Today, I’m making Yellow Chicken Curry. A humble version. I don’t make any fancy curry paste, but use a store-bought

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Bhog— the Temple Cuisine of India at Four Points by Sheraton

Bhog 11

Here in India, it’s an auspicious month of Shravan when the Hindu community observes fasting and practices vegetarian diet. The meal during Shravan is humble and meant not only for spiritual cleansing but for mind and body as well.

Four Points by Sheraton is now hosting a “Bhog— Temple Cuisine of India” and offering the traditional dishes from the temples around India. Bhog in Hindu religion means food given to the Gods. It’s one of the most spiritual meals I had ever experienced. My foodie gang, Pune Foodiez and I were invited to this beautiful food festival.


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Shivaji Trails: Torna Fort

A Torna Fort 1

Hey guys, last weekend was super excited for us. It’s monsoon here in Pune, India, and the whole countryside is green and wet. The hills are covered with green velvets of fresh grass. Rivers are filled. Waterfalls flow from the mountains. The breezes carry the scent of earthy paddy fields blowing everywhere. It’s the season of life and a perfect time for trekking.

Remember Shivaji Trails Project I mentioned last year. Being inspired by the great warrior king of Maharashtra, Shivaji Maharaj, we wanted to follow his footsteps to the forts he built and conquered. We love trekking, and

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A Night in Hospet

Hospet 1

While traveling to the beautiful ancient ruins, Humpi in Karnataka State of India, it was about 2pm when we didn’t know what to expect or where to stop for lunch. Yaseen was sleeping in the back seats, and I opened a pomelo we bought from the forest somewhere in Tamil Nadu. The citrus scent from pomelo’s thick skin was refreshing, and it woke that little boy up.

The road seemed endless. Sadik and I still couldn’t find a place to stop for lunch, and we were hungry. The juicy pomelo didn’t help, and it was stirring up our appetite.

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Thai Prawn and Pumpkin Curry

Prawn and Pumpkin Curry 8

Have you ever disliked eating something in your childhood but ended up liking it now? There are so many things like that in my case. Bitter gourd, Chinese broccoli, winter melon and so many other veggies used to be in my hate-list, but now they are what I enjoy eating very much. Pumpkin was one of the veggies I never liked as a kid. I remember back at home in Thailand, people liked to add cubes of pumpkin in chicken or beef curry. I used to leave it on the side of my plate after I finished the whole thing.

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