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The Lovely Tea from Teavivire

flower tea 5

I’m neither a coffee drinker nor a tea drinker. I don’t really fancy hot beverages except hot cocoa in winter. I know this may sound a little whiny but both coffee and tea have that bitter taste in them that I just can’t seem to like. I don’t rely on them like most people do, but I don’t mind having a sweet cup of coffee or tea with friends at the café sometimes.

But when it comes to “flower tea” or “fruit tea”, there’s a different story.

I love them. Unlike regular tea leaves, flower tea and fruit tea give

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Strawberry Sauce

strawberry sauce 1

It’s strawberry season here. This is the time of the year the weather is lovely enough for strawberries to grow in Mahabaleshwar, a hill station near Pune City. Last week Sadik, Yaseen and I took a little trip with our friends to this strawberry destination. We enjoyed the hills, a leisure drive and a lot of food especially anything with strawberries in it. My favorite dish was fresh strawberries topped with cream and ice cream.

I bought a kilo of strawberries back home. They are plumed, red and juicy… and I know exactly what to do with them.


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These Hearts

Banana and choco heart muffins 1

Remember my Banana and Chocolate Chips Muffin recipe? It’s my signature thing now. I bake this for everyone because it’s so fool-proof even though I never really stick to the measurement. Check the recipe on the above link if you like. You will fall in love with the simplicity of it.

A few days ago, I got a heart-shaped muffin tray as a gift from our family friends who went shopping in Dubai. It’s gorgeous and I’m seriously in love with it at the moment.

And here are some lovessss….

Perfect for breakfast!

I will share new heart-shaped

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Spaghetti with Lamb and Mushroom Sauce

Spaghetti and mushroom and lamb sauce 7

Food processor is such a lifesaver for someone who doesn’t like chopping. I am so thankful for this machine whenever I have to finely chop some onion which can be a tearful job, and I can’t even do it that well.

A few days ago, I made some Lamb and Mushroom Meat Sauce. When I make meat sauce I always use fresh tomatoes and skip the canned one. I just love that fresh zingy flavor that bright up the sauce the way the preserved tomatoes could never do. I chopped nothing… all credit to this recipe goes to my

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What I Do with Leftover 5 Spice Beef Stew

noodle with beef broth 1

When I cook a big pot of beef like what I did with Chinese Five Spice Beef Stew in the previous post, there is always some leftover. I store it in a Tupperware and freeze it. This can go for a month, and it comes in so handy often when you’re hungry and need a quick bowl of comfort food.

Make Some Broth

The stew is rich and thick. Add some water to make a thin broth. Skim off the fat and impurity. You may add some seasoning to adjust the flavor as well.

Noodle with Five Spice

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Apple Filled Crepe

apple filled crepe 4

Good morning… or it still feels like morning here. In fact, it’s 4 pm, but time seems to have no meaning on the weekends in winter. Today is also my last day on a long holiday since tomorrow I will have to get back to be a busy bee that has to wake up at 6 am to pack lunch box or my little bee. So this is kind of a farewell party of my lazy days.

And what is more appropriate to use to celebrate this kind of occasion? A warm buttery crepe filled with sweetest hot apple

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Chinese Five Spice Beef Stew

Chinese Five Spice Beef Stew 1

Winter is truly the season of comfort food. I finally get my Thai hotpot out. This pot is usually used for serving Tom Yum or other kind of thin broth. The hollowed middle section of the pot is filled with live coal which gives the heat to the food and keeps it bubbling the entire time during the meal. Today I make some beef stew with Chinese Five Spice, and this pot is making it even cozier.

This recipe is very simple. Everything is infused and mixed in one pot. It takes a bit of time to get the

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Chicken Liver and Giblet with Ridge Gourd

liver with ridge gouard 2

I am missing a humble kitchen back at home. I remember walking down the stairs early morning to the sleepy kitchen. It was a plain room without cabinets or sink with the wooden windows facing our backyard garden. I always wished my parents make a door from the kitchen to the garden so I didn’t have to climb out of the windows when they asked me to go pick up our homegrown herbs. They never did; and whenever I go back home, I still have to climb out the window sometimes.

In that little kitchen, we have a couple

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Chili and Garlic Spaghetti with Prawns

pasta with prawns 6

Spaghetti is my favorite kind of pasta; I’ve said it too many times already. I can always be happy with a messy plate of spaghetti and meat sauce. I also love to make a super quick pasta dishes that can be served in a hurry. Simplicity and the freshness of the ingredients is the key.

I love the pungent flavor of fresh chili, and the comforting aroma of fresh garlic. I usually cook this dish in 15 minutes. The trick is to schedule your cooking steps to get things done on time. While cooking pasta, you can deal with

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Thai Green Prawn Curry with Eggplants

green prawn curry with eggplants 7

When you crave a home food in a foreign country, it’s not easy to find one exactly like what your mom makes. In India, most of the time when I order Thai food in the restaurants, I always find a little extra something undesirable in the dish. For example, the curries here are way thicker than what in Thailand. Sometime I detect corn flour flavor used to thicken the curry. It’s not needed. Thai curry is supposed to be light and fresh. Thai Green Curry, in Thai we called it Gaeng Keaw Wan, means green and sweet curry. Well, it’s

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