GM Diet Day 7

GM Diet Day 7 Pic 2

It’s my last day on GM diet. I have lost 4 kg so far. But to be honest, I won’t be able to go on one more day with this diet. I miss food like crazy, and tomorrow I plan to reward myself with a hearty and healthy Vietnamese meal. I’m proud of myself. I didn’t cheat this time except the fact that I didn’t touch any veggie today while I’m allowed to have unlimited amount of fruits and veggies.

What you should eat on day 7 of GM Diet?

Brown rice with veggies and fruits. Lots of water should

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GM Diet Day 6

day 6 gm diet 1

I’m grateful that day 6 of GM diet for me has finally ended. I’m so tired. I miss food, and I’m worried I will binge on food after day 7. I know I have to be strong. Diet is never easy. On the other hand, I’m happy about how I look right now. Though I have only lost 3 kg so far, but I look so much smaller than before.

So what you should eat on day 6 of GM Diet?

10 oz of beef and lots of veggies. Minimum 10 glasses of water should be consumed.

What I ate

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GM Diet Day 5

Day 5 GM Diet 2

It’s the end of day 5 already. Today I had beef and tomato. Oh yes! It’s a good day. I also went to the gym for a 40 minute walk. I didn’t feel tired in the morning, but in the evening, I felt very drowsy.

What should you eat on day 5 of GM Diet?

Beef and tomatoes. As many as 8 tomatoes and about 10 oz of beef. Lots of water as usual.

What I ate


I had pan fried beef with a little olive oil, salt and pepper with some tomato soup.


I had

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GM Diet Day 4

Day 4 GM Diet 4

Monday is crazy for me. I have to wake up early to cook breakfast and pack lunch for Yaseen and Sadik. Today is also my day 4 of GM Diet, but no worry… I actually like today. So far I have lost about 2.5 kg. And today just because I’m allowed to have lots of banana milkshake. I decided to challenge myself and spent 40 minutes walking on a treadmill.

What you should eat on day 4 of GM Diet?

Your diet today consists of 8 bananas, 3 glasses of skim milk and special vegetable soup aka Wonder Soup.


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GM Diet Day 3

Day 3 GM Diet 1

Hello folks. And I’ve just got done with day 3 of GM diet. Actually today would have been super easy if I haven’t got my period. I didn’t realize it until I knew it, if you know what I mean. The day flew by. I did feel a bit bloated in the morning, but not as much as how I would be bloated during my period without this diet. I really enjoyed what I ate, and although I didn’t lose weight today, I look much smaller now.

So what should you eat on day 3 of GM Diet?

On day

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GM Diet Day 2

Day 2 GM Diet 1

It’s the end of day 2 for me. I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it at some point because I had a pretty hectic day outdoor. But here I am; I’m pretty proud of myself already because I actually lost about 2 kg in the morning. I’m not going to lie that this diet is easy. It’s tough, especially for someone who loves food. But this is what I have to do to motivate myself in the long run.

So what you should eat on day 2 of GM Diet?

Simple actually. Veggies. Any kind of veggies. You’re

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GM Diet Day 1

GM Diet Day 1 Pic 1

I just want to update my day 1 of GM diet before I go to bed. Today I only ate fruits and drank lots of water. I didn’t exercise because to be honest, eating just fruits today has been making me feel a bit tired.

So What You Should Eat on Day 1 of GM Diet

All kind of fruits are allowed on day 1 of GM Diet except banana. It is advised to have lots of melons and fruits that contain lots of fluids. You should also drink minimum 10 glasses of water.

What I Ate


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Going on GM Diet

gm diet start

Hey folks. Sorry I have been MIA for a week now. I’m so sorry I should really be more active on my blog, but I’m in the middle of a hectic schedule of processing my visa and setting up my business. About that, I will tell you about them later. Anyway, today I have a different post for you. Instead of posting a yummy recipe, I’m going to tell you about GM diet. Oh yeah, I finally have to come to term with the fact that I’m getting chubby, and if I’m not doing anything about it, I will probably

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Spicy Sausage with Pea and Carrot

Spicy Sausage with Pea 1

I love spicy sausage. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this a dozen times already, but yes, spicy sausage is my thing. My favorite way to cook it is with spaghetti. Today I’m trying something different, and I really need to learn to use all veggies in my fridge, and not let them go to waste. So there’re some peas and carrots that needed to be taken care of. And so I whipped them up in a hot pan real quick.

The dish came out pretty good, and I enjoyed eating it with steaming hot rice. I also think it will

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Travel Videos


Hello folks! So I have been wanting to make videos for my travel posts for a while, but I haven’t really had time to get to it. But the last few days, I have been trying stuff out on YouTube, and it’s kind of fun to sit and edit my journeys in the past. My problem right now is how to fix the quality of my videos. As you can see, they’re pretty blurry and shaky when it’s on YouTube. I will have to figure things out somehow soon.

Anyway, I just want to give you guys some sneak

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