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Sinhagad Fort Trek

Sinhagad Fort Trek 7

Sinhagad Fort is a magnificent fortress located on an elevated hill 1,312 meters above sea level about 30 kilometers southwest of Pune City. The fort is also known as the Lion Fort, and the ruins of old structures glorify the power of the fort in the past.

The fort now becomes one of the most important historical places of the city, and it is a popular place to relax and picnic during the weekend.

Our recent Sinhagad Fort Trek video

Watch Sinhagad Fort Trek on Youtube here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYvHlOn7WOw

We have been to Sinhagad Fort so many times, but

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Glass Noodle with Duck Egg and Tofu Soup

glass noodle soup 2

When I was in high school, living away from home, I rented a house in the city. Actually, it was more like a shop. I remember that I didn’t have a front door, but I had this big steel shutter which made a massive rolling roar when someone came in and out. The property was right on the side of road, and it was close to a busy market so it was meant to be rented for commercial use. It’s really funny and kind of weird when I think of it now. Why did I rent that place? Maybe I

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Thai Sago Pudding

Thai Sago Pudding 1

Thai desserts can act as breakfast because of how light and nourishing they are. When you visit the fresh markets in Thailand as early as 4am, you will see several dessert stands under the hanging yellow light bulbs. The tables are usually spread with colorful desserts from coconut jelly to the delightful drops of smooth, sweet egg yolk, and from caramelized glutinous rice cake to the vibrant miniature fruits made with bean paste coated with colors and gelatin. Again, I must confirm that I’m not a dessert person. I prefer savory food, but for some reason, I can’t just walk

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Trek to Ghangad Fort

Ghangad Fort 6

We’re still obsessed with the beauty of the monsoon. We woke up in the morning, and the boys put on their trekking shoes while I brewed some hot chocolate and put it in the flask. We’re ready for another weekend adventure. This time we’re going to the notorious Ghangad Fort, the magnificent fort hidden in the green valley near Tamhini Ghat.

Ghangad Fort was built about 300 years ago, and the fort had been captured by many rulers in this region. It was also a prison to hold political and women prisoners in the olden days.

Oh by the

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Mushroom Mee Grati

Mee Grati 2

Hi guys! We have been busy with the monsoon trek, and I completely forgot that this blog is malnourished by the delicious cooking. Last weekend we went on another trek which I was completely soaked in the rain the whole trip. When I got home, I was down with a massive headache. Anyway, another big weekend is coming up because it’s gonna be a long weekend here in India. On August 15th, it’s Indian Independence Day, a public holiday, and it’s also Yaseen’s birthday. We thought about camping, and maybe a trip on the rainy beach somewhere away from the

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Imagination is Kids’ Best Toy

Imagination 1

We haven’t bought any toy for Yaseen for months now. It’s not that he doesn’t want them at all, but when we make him think about value of things he brings into his life, he understands that he doesn’t really want more stuff. When he asks for new toys and we refuse to give them, he’s very understanding now and doesn’t argue with us anymore. Our goal is not only to make him feel independent and content, but to allow him to explore the world with his pure imagination. In the process of becoming a minimalist child, he helps us

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Thai Coconut Pudding

Khanon Khrok 1

So I haven’t told you guys that Sadik might be gluten intolerant. He hasn’t officially been tested, but after talking to his doctor about certain allergies, we are kind of sure about it. The first thing my husband said when he doubted that he might be allergic to gluten was he’s gonna miss all the delicious breakfast treats like pancakes and waffles. And oh my God, he’s gonna miss pies and cakes… especially my banana cake which he absolutely loves. But lucky for him, I don’t really rely on refine flour to cook tons of dessert. In fact, I grew

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Chilli Guava

chili Guava 1

During rainy season, on the side of the roads, the baskets of fresh guavas are covered with the sparkling droplets of rainwater. The fruits are green and glossy, and I love when I see some of the fruits still have the stems and leaves on them. The leaves have that robust, earthy scent that let you know that the fruits are just so healthy and delicious.

Green guavas are very common, but the red ones are not easy to find. I love that floral scent in the softness of red guava flesh. This week, we got these guavas from

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Fishing at, Pargaon Village, Bhima River

fishing bhima 8

When I was a kid, I accompanied my dad on the hunting trips near the Mekong River. We went there at least once a year in a big caravan of his friends. I was a tom boy, and I loved adventurous stuff so I didn’t mind sleeping in the forest full of mosquitoes. Some nights, we wouldn’t sleep as we waited to check on the traps while the cold rain was pouring on us mercilessly. Fishing was an go-together part of the hunting trip. Although I was so scared of the majestic mysterious Mekong River, I undeniably loved its fish.

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Fried Fish with Red Curry Sauce

Pla Rad Prik Gaeng 2

When I was a kid, 70% of protein in my food was from fresh water fish. I lived near one of most gorgeous and fertile rivers in the northeast of Thailand, Namphong River, where it was flourished with fish, shrimp and clams. Fish like Tilapia and Snakehead Fish was one of the stable food of the people in this region. It’s versatile, soft and sweet flesh is great for grilling and making spicy fish broth. These days, people don’t rely on natural food source as it used to be, but my brother still makes a trip to the river everyday

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