Baisakhi Food Festival at Kangan, Westin Pune

Kangan 5

Kangan, a North Indian restaurant in Westin, Pune, has introduced Baisakhi Food Festival from April 11th, and will be serving some of the most delicious Punjabi dishes for 2 weeks. Baisakhi is a colorful festival celebrated throughout North India. Westin also took this opportunity to introduce its new chef, Chef Narayan Salunke, who believes in authentic Indian flavours through spices and freshness of the ingredients. His specialization in North West Indian Cuisines offers more colorful dishes to the restaurant. Kangan has done a wonderful job in bringing the rustic flavors of Punjab to the table. My foodie gang, Pune

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Stir Fried Rice Vermicelli with Eggs

rice vermicelli and eggs 2

I remember, when I was a kid, every weekendnight was a movie night. My mom and dad would allow me and my siblings to stay up late watching movies– horror movies, until we fell asleep in the livingroom. During commercials, my dad used to make snacks or even late night heavy meal depending on what was inspring him at that moment. I never really knew then how he managed to make so many yummy dishes during a 5-10 minutes commercials, but he always delivered.

One of the dishes I remember eating at our movie night is Stir Fried

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Asian Street Food Festival at Baan Tao, Hyatt Pune

Hyatt Street Food Festival 1

Baan Tao, Hyatt Pune always gives me the feeling closer to home. It’s one of the best Asian restaurants in the city. The calm ambience always makes me feel so relaxed. I always love that giant waterfall wall and the sound of it. It’s very soothing and cooling.

Street food culture in Southeast Asia is very rich and abundant. There are night street food markets operating all night long serving smoky greasy, taste bud bursting flavors, colorful and new creative dishes everyday. When I think of Southeast Asian dishes, the bests are always on the streets.

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Easy Cajun Beef Stew

Cajun Beef Stew 1

I was on a secret diet. GM diet. I will tell you about that later, but first, let me share you one of the most satisfying recipe I have eaten when I was on that diet. After being stripped from the right of having any kind of meat for 4 days, on the 5th day of GM diet, you are allowed to eat 2 portions of 10 ounce beef. Whoa! And oh yes! I was super excited about it.

So, on the 5th day of GM diet, you are advised to eat a lot of

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Marrakesh, FC Road, Pune

Marrakesh 1

My family and I have always been a fan of Marrakesh, one of the best restaurants in Pune that offer Lebanese and Middle East cuisines. It’s top of the list of our favorite restaurants. If you follow my restaurant review stories, you might remember how I wrote about Marrakesh at Kalyani Nagar brunch already. Marrakesh always has that vibe that I’m looking for in eating-out. The enthusiastic crowds, the aromas of grilled meat, quality and consistency, and promptness that make it like a famous street style stalls that foodies want to go back often. Marrakesh has the best

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Fish and Rice Rice Vermicelli Salad with Sweet Soy Sauce Dressing

Fish Salad with Sweet Soy Sauce Dressing 1

Summer is the time when I miss Thailand the most. It’s been so long I have gone home, and I hope sometimes in August we could go spend sometimes travelling all over Thailand again. Summer back home is fun and vibrant. Every corner of the country seem to have those little colorful stalls selling shave ice, cool drinks, cold dessert and snacks that distract us from the discomfort of summer heat.

Now summer has arrived. I’m sitting in my house right here in India wishing there were food stalls like that right outside our home. Oh

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Chakhna Menu at Punjab Grill, Pune

Punjab Grill 1

Punjab Grill is known for its fine North Indian dishes, and now Chakhna Menu is introduced in the restaurant as the varieties of savory bites to accompany drinks. Chakhna Menu offer has started from 27th March and will be going on for 2 weeks. Now let’s see what’s on the menu:

First, let’s talk about the drinks. There are exciting cocktails like Ganne Ka Juice Margarita (Sugar Cane Juice, Mint, Black Salt, Ginger, Lemon Juice, Tequila), Rasbhari Margarita (Cape Gooseberrt, Sugar Syrub, Black Salt, Tequila), Mele Di Chuski (vodka with different flavors), Tarbooj with Banta,

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15 Minutes Chicken and Macaroni Soup

Macaroni Soup 1

When I cooked this dish a few weeks ago, I literally had no time. I meant it when I said I had no time. Yaseen was home early, and I had to finish a lot of writings. He was hungry so I decided to whip something up easy in one pot. No mess, no fuss, fast and delicious. I knew exactly what to do!

Chicken and Macaroni Soup can be made in 15 minutes. Yes, it’s that quick and fabulous. Turn on the stove, place the pan over it, drizzle some olive oil, saute garlic and

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Set Menu Review at La Terrazza, Hyatt Regency Pune

La Terrazza 1

La Terrazza at Hyatt Regency Pune now offers a casual dining experience with home-style Italian menu at reasonable prices. The restaurant has a subtle ambience with an open kitchen and wood fired pizza oven. My foodies group, Pune Foodiez, and I were invited to try their 3 course meal set menu featuring home-style Italian cooking. And here are what we had tried that day:

Farro salad (Farro, mushroom, walnuts, blue cheese and rocket leaves): I don’t like rocket leaves so you can imagine I didn’t enjoy the dish that much.

Ceprese & Seafood Fritto

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Caramel Fudge

Caramel Fudge 7

I remember one winter when I was a kid, my mom bought a really big bag of caramel fudges from the Silk Carnival, an annual silk exhibition and festival in my home-town where food, clothes, handicrafts and toys are also taken very seriously. The fudges smelled amazing. Even when they were sealed in plastic bag, the buttery-milky perfume took over our car. We couldn’t wait and enjoyed the whole bag of caramel fudge before we reached home. The next day, my mom bought the same and stored them in the jar hoping it would go on for a

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