Canned Fish Salad

Canned Fish Salad 5

Canned Sardine in Tomato Sauce is one of the beloved household essentials in Thailand. When I was a kid, though my mom cooked it so simple and so often, the dishes she delivered had never failed to be so wonderful. Back then, in rainy season, when the farmers worked to nurture the rice plants in the fields, canned fish were packed along with the humblest ingredients for lunch. We poured the whole can on a plate. The fish are tender and fragile. The bones melted in tomato sauce. Sometime we have it without reheating it. Roasted chili flakes, onion leaves,

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My Collection of Thai Sweets

Thai Sweet 6

I’m not really a sweet tooth kind of person. I can live without chocolate, but I can’t live without french fries. When I was a kid, I spent most of my allowances on meatballs on the street while my sister spent it on sweet. Though I am not crazy about sweet, there are some treats that I really like. I enjoy them when I can… and these are some of Thai sweets I want to introduce you to…

Coconut Ribbons

They are crisp and sweet. What I love the most is how they are flavored and colored using all

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dal 3

Dal is a dried lentil that has been split, hull removed. There is an abundant variety of dal in India. Dal is also a comforting dish made by cooking dried split pulse until it becomes the delightful thick gravy. The simple flavor of dal is grown on me. I am loving it so much I admit. Give me a bowl of rice and dal, and I can be equally happy as much as the joy of watching my favorite movie over and over again. It is not easy to be bored by a simple dish like this.

From what

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Garlic Vinegar


Have you ever been to the noodle stalls in Asia? Most shops serve steamy noodles with lots of condiments on the side. In Thailand, they place a few jars of chili flakes, sugar, ground peanuts, vinegar and a bottle of fish sauce on the tables, much like you have bottles of ketchup and mustard in some fast food restaurants in the West. These condiments are given for adjusting the flavor of the noodle as per your likeness. I like my noodles sweet, sour, salty and spicy. Basically I just add whole lot of condiments and turn the mellow delicious noodle

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Soft Raisin Scone

soft raisin scone 1

I always try to see the good in everything. It’s my personal belief that everything has its natural beauty. There is always a way to look at thing that allows yourself to see the good side of it. For example, when I am sick, I don’t beat myself up and feel miserable, but I see a chance to rest, to ask for help and to lay in bed eating soup all day; or when I am stuck with my kitchen mishap, I embrace the incident and cherish what that happy little accident helps me discover another way to delightfully enjoy

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Delicious Highlight of Our Thailand Trip in June 2015

A Thai Food Trip 1

I wish I could stay back in Thailand a little longer. This trip was hectic, but we made the most of it. Food is such a big part of our travel plan. Every meal was a party. Here are some awesome shots from my phone and my friend’s. We think these are the best food ever

Thai food are not just Red Curry, Green Curry and Pad Thai. Those are really a small part of our cuisine. Traditional Thai food is fresh, bold and vibrant. Every dish is simple and loaded with juicy ingredients.

Thing that I

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Tofu with Crab

Seafood with immitation crab 1

It’s funny I think I’m kind of mean to my kid sometimes. Yaseen is scared of crab. He is not a fan of any kind of shellfish either. But he loves tofu you see. So it’s so wicked of me to combine these two ingredients together. I love how tofu is so nutritious, but it can be paired with many other ingredients. I love tofu with seafood because the humble flavor of it allows the seafood flavor to shine through beautifully in the dish. Anyway, whatever I do, Yaseen will still eat tofu.

Sadly, I couldn’t get fresh crab

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Bua Loy, Sticky Rice Balls in Coconut Syrup

Bua loy 5

It’s raining gently every day. There is no warm sunlight anymore. I love my bed even better; I could stay under my blanket all days. But the weather like this is kind of seductive. It makes you want to sit by the window and look outside watching the clouded sky all day. It’s alluring. It makes you seek comfort and inspires beautiful daydreams. In my case, the kitchen is very cozy in rainy season. It’s time to bake and make soup. Hot food, warm swirls of delicious vapors and the cold outside make every day so beautiful here.


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What I Did Wrong on Social Media

tes 1

For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, you might notice changes in this space last year. Some of you wrote to me that you didn’t like the direction I was going for. I went on a little too many restaurant reviews than sharing things that Tes at Home are good at. Though I tried to convince you that I was not going to change and the reviews were only a new addition to my blog. Now when I’m looking back at it, I’m so thankful for those of you who care enough to warn

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Sala Kaew Koo, Nong Khai, Thailand

Sala Kaew Koo 9

This trip to Thailand taught us one very important lesson- Don’t rely on the information on internet too much! It’s always been a plan for us to visit Laos. It’s funny that everyone in my family has already been there many times, but I only ended up only at the river and never landed on the other side. After a lot of research, got the information on the internet that we could get a permit to cross the border very easily. This convinced us to feel very comfortable when we left home in Khon Kaen to Nong Khai at 6

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