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A Day of Food Adventure in Kerala


If you are following me on twitter (@Testerfly), you’ve already seen my fun food adventure in Kerala yesterday. The boys and I went on our little food trip, finding some of the best local food and savor every bit of it on the way. So here’s a glimpse of our journey if you missed it yesterday. The whole story will be on November issue of The Foodiez Magazine which will be out next week.

So let’s ride!

Before we left our house in Kerala, we actually had some black tea while getting in the car and starting this food

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Dandeli, Karnataka

Dandeli 1

There are so many ways to travel. I love to own the moment, to let it fly and to not rush from one place to another. It’s not about where you go—abroad, here, there… it’s all about how you cherish every step of the way. Pacing yourself is a part of the journey, too. And learn to relax! I really needed to relax and thanks the boys for taking me Dandeli, a paradise jungle in Karnataka, India.

It’s been a while we took a trip like this, the trip that cut us out from the rest of the world,

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Alfresco, Four Foints by Sheraton

alfresco 3

Winter is probably the most beautiful season of Pune city. The air is chilling in the morning and keeping warm throughout the day. In the evening, it’s cooler again, making the weather perfect for a barbeque. Four Points by Sheraton seems to design Alfresco, beyond the Eatery, especially for welcoming the cozy season. Setting right outside the Eatery, the main restaurant of the hotel, Alfresco has a breezy, open layout with live barbeque and cooking station that spread the aroma of herbs and spices throughout the restaurant. It’s very charming, especially with the murmuring sounds of the mini waterfalls lingering

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Asian Salad with Spicy and Sweet Peanut Dressing


First of all, sorry for the quality of a picture in this post, I still can’t seem to find a way to take a decent picture with my DSLR at night when I make something worth sharing at that kind of hours. So I took a picture of this delicious salad with my cell phone.

This recipe is a hit. The dressing is delicious. It’s my favorite kind of flavors— sweet, spicy, savory and nutty in one bite. Now all you need is a bag of salad greens, some fresh mint and some protein.

Asian Salad with Spicy and

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Traditional Cake Mixing Event at the Westin Koregaon Park, Pune

Cake mixing Westin 9

Food, to me is not just an edible items but a process altogether to put something fantastic on a plate, tastes better when you get your hands in it. This is true. I’m a true believer of community spirit transpired during the festivities.

Christmas is a couple of months away, not that long considering tons of things to be put together on the big day. It’s going to be a busy season for everyone. A delightful menu has to be crafted, the invites and guest list had to be prepared and sent, the gifts to be wrapped, the ovens

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Corn Dog Muffins

Corn dog 3

So yesterday I made some cornbread that was so soft, light and delicious. I forgot to mention that I added a little something on the side… some hot dogs! I cut them up and put them in half of the muffins.

And I baked them along with the cornbread.

They came out lovely!

And delicious. I served them with mustard mayo and ketchup

Love, Tes (tweet to me at @Testerfly)

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Healthy Multigrain Cornbread Muffins

cornbread 2

Humble rustic food wins my heart any day. I love something whole and hearty. I like the table full of good food with family and friends gather around it. When I make cornbread, I think of such occasion— the cozy evening when everybody is in good mood and hot food make them hang around a little longer. I would have beef and gravy on the table and cornbread on the side.

I usually don’t mind cooking with plain white flour, but I ran out of it today, which somehow turned out to be a good thing because I discovered

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The Blue Frog, Pune

blue frog 2

The city of Pune is becoming more and more restless, exciting and vivid these days. With a number of restaurants and pubs popping up around town, the residents get more choices to chill-out after a long day. The Blue Frog, a well-known premium pub chain that does well in Mumbai and Delhi, is now opened in Ishanya Mall, Yerwada, Pune. It’s Wednesday night, and my friends from Pune Foodiez gang and I were invited to sample the menu.

I walked in to the open and spacious ambience, the inside especially buzzy with sleek comfy couches and a stage for live

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Steak with Beetroot and Goat Cheese Sauce with Orange Glazed Potato


I recently found my obsession with beetroot. My little boy hates it, but Sadik and I love beetroot when it is cooked right. I still owe you a recipe of beetroot with eggs that I guarantee that it would goes so well with hot rice.

But today, let me share you a healthy alternative for your greasy heavy steak sauce or gravy with this hot pink delightful Beetroot and Goat Cheese Sauce that is so smooth and luscious. It’s gorgeous and robust.

I roasted beet root on the pan and blended it with soft goat cheese and yogurt in food

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Menu Tasting at Krustys, Koregaon Park

Krustys 4

Krustys, an all day bistro and bar in Koregaon Park, can potentially comfort you as soon as you walk in. The glass wall allows the generous amount of natural light inside. There are the cozy booths arranged against the brisk wall. In the middle, simple tables spread, and a few snug corners to sit back and relax.

When you walked in, the colorful display of cheesecakes and macarons on the counter suggests saving room dessert.

The bar is operating around the clock, coffee is browed and pizzas flow out of the oven. It’s the promising place for a

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