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Stir Fried Chicken with Yellow Bean Paste

Chicken with Yellow Bean Paste

A Fabulous meal can be made in minutes, too. I am a stir- fry worshiper. I believe that not only stir frying helps maintaining nutrients in the ingredients, but the non complicated process allows the beautiful characters of the ingredients to shine. Stir frying is my favorite technique of cooking, and it’s how most of my lunch dishes are made.

And do you like Yellow Bean Paste? Some people find the aroma of it quite strong, but I adore the pungent salty flavor of yellow bean paste that go so well with meat, chicken or seafood. In a wok,

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Mainland China, Pimpri

mainland china 1

Mainland China, a famous Chinese restaurant chain in India, is recently opened a new outlet in CityONE Mall, Pune-Mumbai Old Highway, Pimpri. My foodie gang Pune Foodiez and I were invited for lunch.

First of all the restaurant is very family-friendly, spacious and cozy. It also feels light and fresh with the huge glass walls and simple layout.

We had the tasting menu planned specially for us. It was balanced, and dishes showed off the diverse and colorful menu of Mainland China.

I love hot steam trailing after food in Chinese restaurants, and the delicious scent fumed up

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Farfalle with Kale

Pasta & Kale 1

I adore healthy ingredients. Not only they taste so earthy and look so gorgeous, they are also packed with nutrients. Something like Kale is very rich with iron. I love kale in soup or even stir fried on the side of my meat dishes. But what I’m about to show you is this humble, rustic recipe that easy to fall in love with.

This lovely bow-tie pasta with deep green kale is a guaranteed comfort food. It’s easy to whip up in 15 minutes or so. I add the beautiful hard oil eggs on top. Oh it’s yummy.

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Mexican BBQ at Olive Bistro

Olive Bistro Mexican BBQ 1

The season has changed, and Pune is now wet and cold. It’s beautiful, a perfect timing for something hot and sizzling. A gorgeous restaurant like Olive Bistro in Poona Club has something for this lovely weather. The colorful spread of skewered marinated tenderloin, chicken and seafood spread on the counter where the hot grills are fumed with the cloud of delicious smoke. The vibrant bean salad, warm couscous, Mexican rice and a beautiful array of sides sat on the side. My foodie gang Pune Foodiez and I were invited for this cozy Mexican BBQ.

On Mexican BBQ menu at

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Taste an American Original at Chili’s


Chili’s, a colorful American- Mexican casual dining restaurant, has been one of my favorite restaurants for many years now. My family and I visit the place at least a few times a month not just because the approximate to our house but also the vibrant flavors in the dishes and the hot delicious dessert that we can’t wait to have at the end of the meal.

Chili’s now brings back the Original Circa 1975 featuring the good ole 11 dishes and drinks from the original menu when they started in Taxas, USA, in 1975.

From last night, July 15th,

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American Brew Festival at TJ’s Brew Works


TJ’s Brew Works, an energetic microbrewery Amanora Town Center is known for their hand-crafted beers, and while most of my friends love the place, for a non-drinker like me, I always hesitate to walk in. So when Pune Foodiez and I were invited to TJ’s American Brew Fest last Friday night, it took me a while to decide.

Tj’s gorgeous beers Dark Hawk, Feder Ale, Spangled Weiss and Liberty Brew are now paired with delicious American Food in American Brew Fest. The festival will be running for 2 weeks, giving the beer lovers and foodies to have a good

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Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hainanese Chicken Rice 1

In Thailand, there is a dish called Khao Mun Gai. The name is simply translated as rice cooked in chicken fat. The dish is a Thai take on the famous Hainanese Chicken which is introduced in the country by Chinese immigrants.

Khao Mun Gai can be served as breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s a wholesome that can be eaten anytime of the day. You will be surprised to see many morning markets in Thailand sell this delicious rice as early as 4 o’clock in the morning and the same dishes are popular in the night markets that runs after midnight

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White Chocolate Toffee Brownie

White Chocolate Toffee Brownie 1

Recently, I find myself in love with being next to the warm oven. I whip up the batter, marinate meat, or even sliced some veggies into a few baking trays, and I pop them in the roaring oven. As the moment flows by, the comforting delicious scent slowly disperses throughout the house.

Brownies! That’s it! I will say no more. I don’t need to convince anyone to have a little bite when they come out of the oven.

But this version of brownie is particularly addictive. It can be your best friend. Very best friend.

When I

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Noodle with Chicken and Mushroom

Rice vermicelli with chicken and mushroom 6

Monsoon is late this year. I could feel her on the way from the signs of the cloudy sky, the humid breeze in the evening and even the fainted scent of wet mud arriving from somewhere.

When it starts to rain, I always think of wild mushroom. Those soft buds sprout from the earth, and we pick them and prep them for the hot greasy pan.

I love the flavor of mushroom. Something about it feels not only earthy but cozy and comforting. This dish, for example, is humble, but it can make you feel so whole. The

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Soleil by La Plage, Sula Vineyards

la Plage 17

Last Sunday I travelled through the dramatic terrains with radiant warmth growing as the sun slowly glided up the deep ultramarine sky. It was particularly relaxing that my friends, Shri & Husein, and I didn’t realize how smooth 4 hours and 30 minutes flew by when we reached Sula Vineyards, Nashik.

I immediately loved the crystalline air. It still felt like summertime though I could picture how the estate would be even more aesthetic in the palette of luscious green during the coming monsoon.

We were invited to a laid-back lunch at Soleil by La Plage with Rajeev

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