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Malpe Fish Market

Malpe Fish Market 8

Malpe Fish Market is one of the most important commercial fishing ports in India. The market is just 5 km off National Highway 66 (previously NH17) in Udupi. The market starts early morning, and you should visit between 5-8 am to catch the arrival of the fishing boats. There are hundreds of boats parked in the port, and the whole place is filled with people dressed in colorful clothes coming to the spontaneous fish auctions.

We stayed in Udupi last night at Hotel Sharada International. It was the first time I slept so uninterrupted throughout the night. The room

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Beaches in Goa and a Drive to Udupi

arambol beach 2

We were tired, but I didn’t sleep at all that night in Goa. The boys were snoring, and I felt really irritated because of the humidity. We decided to stay close to the beach in a budget hotel which we paid Rs. 1,000 for a room. We were the only people in that hotel. It was an off-season. Most shops and restaurants were closed. So silent. The hotel didn’t even have an AC, and we were told that the weather was so nice that we wouldn’t need it. They were wrong. I got out of the bed many times to

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Maravanthe Beach

Maravanthe Beach 1

7 years ago, when we drove down to Kerala for the first time, we had Yaseen in a car seat sleeping. We slept in our first highway hotel, and I decided that I really loved this kind of spontaneous life. It’s effortless and exciting at the same time. I remember I couldn’t sleep that night because Sadik told me that in the morning, we would be driving on the beach. I was so eager to see sunrise and to be on the road again.

That morning we woke up in a freezing hotel room in Kumta, Karnataka, still hundreds

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Pune to Goa

Ghat 1

Hey guys! I hope you’re doing wonderful. Here in Pune, it’s the beginning of rainy season. And if you followed us on social media, you would probably know that we’ve just come back from our annual southern road trip. This time, not only we drove down to Kerala, we also spent a couple of days in Goa.

And here is our first video of this trip. We drove from Pune to Goa. We started on the good old National Highway No. 4, and then we tried to explore new route on State Highway 130 just outside the town of Belgaum.

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Thai Eggplant Dip

Thai Eggplant Dip 17

Thai Eggplant Dip is spicy gooey delicious dip loaded with fresh herbs and chilies. This dish is prominently cooked in Laos and northeast region of Thailand. It is served with sticky rice and fresh or steamed vegetable. It is one of the first dishes I learned to make when I was a kid. I remember how my dad used to add some eggplants in the bottom part of the sticky rice steamer. And by the time the rice was cooked, the eggplants would be almost falling apart. Traditionally, Thai Eggplant Dip is made in mortar with a pestle to mash

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Maravanthe Beach Video

Maravanthe Beach 1

Maravanthe Beach is a gorgeous beach on National Highway No. 66 in Karnataka State of India. The beach is famous for its proximity to the highway boasting the powerful waves and the golden sand beach to the passerby. Come walk with us on Maravanthe Beach in our new video on YouTube.

Maravanthe Beach

Watch Maravanthe Beach on YouTube here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLMxemLCSb4

I hope you enjoy the video. I will write more about it in the coming post. I am editing the rest of our road trip videos right now, and I can’t wait to show you guys all of

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How to Cut a Jackfruit

How to Cut a Jackfruit 1

Jackfruit is glorious tropical fruit with thick spiky skin and yellow soft flesh inside. It looks similar to durian fruit, but the skin is much softer. Jackfruit has strong sweet fruity aroma, and the fruit can grow as gigantic as 35 kg and more. Jackfruits are grown all over Asia, and the juicy sweet golden pulps can be used in dessert while the raw firm flesh is cooked as vegetable.

Rain hits the southern states of India generously this year as natural produce floods the bushels in every market. Jackfruits are among the seasonal foods that are harvested at

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We are Fasting in Ramadan 2016

Ramadan 1

Ramadan is the holy fasting month observed by Muslims. In 2016, it starts on the 2nd week of June, and the fast will be for 30 days. During the month of Ramadan, it is prohibited to eat and drink from dawn till sunset. And while you are observing the fast, you should be strengthening your belief and spirituality. The most important objectives of fasting in the month of Ramadan are to experience hunger and to be grateful about your life so you can help others who are less fortunate. Ramadan teaches the importance of kindness and simplicity, and it’s a

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Kerala Day 2 to 6

Kerala Life 2

If you haven’t read our previous post, I would like to inform you that we are in Kerala at the moment. We are going to be here for 2 weeks, visiting family and wandering in this beautiful state. To be honest, my only goal is to be at home here and indulge in the sound of rain. And for the first time, it goes according to plan because it’s been raining every day and night since we arrived.

We don’t plan to do a lot this time because we want to just relax at home. What I love about

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If Life Was Perfect | Day 1 in Kerala

Malpe Fish Market 1

If Life was perfect, it would be very boring. You know… like those predictable movies that make you want to skip the whole thing to the very end. We have learned to take disappointments as life lessons. When we think of it like that, we never really feel like we have missed anything. So many things happened in this trip so I’m still thinking about how to start telling you the story.

We are in Kerala right now. Actually we’ve just reached our home in this beautiful state a couple of nights ago, after spending 2 nights on the

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