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Lazy breakfast- Honey cake with hot milk

Weekend is usually my big feast cooking mania adventure. I would go beyond just cooking but cater my family with the new recipes I read during a week. The idea of time & schedule suddenly has no meaning, we enjoy food, talk, TV, go to park, etc. whole day. But today is one of those days when I feel like I don’t want to get out of the bed, yet. Yaseen’s already in the living room, switched on TV. I could hear the water running in the bathroom sink, so everyone was up!

I walked to the kitchen lazily while Yaseen was following me. He stroked my night dress gently and says “More?” In his term it meant “more water”. When he thirsty he would ask “More?” instead of “Water?”

I poured a glass of water for him, and he finished so fast. I opened the kitchen door to get those fresh morning air inside. To my surprise, the familiar sweet warm smell hit my nose. I recognized it instantly. It’s from a small bakery stall around the corner. This mini baker stall supplies the most fabulous honey cake. The golden slice of heaven make from real honey freshly bake everyday is one of the regular sweet we buy every week. The texture of the cake is just right, so spongy soft with a honey moisten deep inside every single atom of the cake. I knew right away that at that moment the baker has just pulled out the hot tray filled with light yellow luscious sweet honey cake.

So I get the crazy (lazy) idea!

My husband brought the honey cake home when it was still warmed. The cake looked so perfect. Yaseen looked hungry.

I broke few slices of this cake in a breakfast bowl.

Sprinkle a little sugar over it.

Then pour hot milk over.

As I enjoyed this lazy recipe, I watched my family emptied the bowls real fast. I wasn’t sure they’re just hungry or it’s another hit at breakfast table.

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