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Bangkok (Delicious) Dangerous?

Photo by: federico stevanin /

We are going to Bangkok this weekend. Since Yaseen was born, we haven’t visited Thailand because there always something came up all the time. My baby hasn’t seen my country, yet. My husband will have 1 week off from work, so we are going to see my family and enjoy a small vacation we have. Even though my family is from the vibrant Northeast of Thailand, they decide to meet us up in Bangkok as we have very few days to stay in Thailand.

When I think of going back to Thailand, the first thing come up to my mind is food, a lot of food, street food, snacks, icy fruit punches, fresh tropical fruits , and hundreds varieties of desserts. My sister and I used to stay up late around 11.00 pm when we were hungry we got out of apartment and walked to a night bazaar near by. The whole night food market was smoked by a variety of BBQ and Thai fast food. The noise of stir fried and deep fried food played as background music. We would sit there and ate whatever we wanted until we filled and came back to the apartment.

I think street food is Bangkok charmed. Even though they’re called street foods but the qualities aren’t so. They are clean and cheap! The most important thing is they are very delicious. I miss Tom Yum Prawn, papaya salad, smoking grilled chicken, and BBQ beef. When I’m back from my trip, I will blog the whole experience for you guys.


 The only thing worried me the most about going back there now is Red Shirt Protesting issue that still heating in the heart of Bangkok. It really disrupts parts of my plan. Many main tourists’ hotspot and beautiful places in Bangkok are affected by this problem. I hope the government and the protester come to certain conclusion soon. I want to see and show my husband and baby the way Bangkok used to be. I want them to know Thai people the way they really are. Wish me luck!

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