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Thai Popsicle – So delicious, even fish love it!

When I was thinking of what should I post next on my blog, the thought of the funny fish in old Siam market we went on the third day of our trip came to my mind. The fat funny looking fish lived in a small pool near the popsicle stall. What was so funny about the fish was that it snacked on the icy sweet popsicle.

These freeze cold soda popsicles were always made this way. This amazing non electric ice stick maker made from thin sheet of metal. The small tubes filled with soda or colorful syrups with the wooden sticked in them soon turned to the wonderful delicious ice stick.

It was so clean and cheap, only 3 baht (0.1 USD) per stick. Yaseen was crazy about it; even my husband enjoyed playing kid sometimes with the colorful Popsicle. We grasped 2 sticks each and started eating them right there on the spot.

I noticed a small pond near by where there was a really big fat fish swimming inside. I told my husband to look at it. “It eats popsicle!” the vender yielded to us. We thought he were kidding, but just for fun we showed the fish the popsicle, to our surprise the fish jumped and bit the chunk of the yummy ice away.

It was so delicious, even fish love it!

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