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We are back!


It’s been an amazing week for us. Everyday it was like we were on “Amazing Race”. We ran around the city taking photo, trying new food and seeing places all the time. Everything was like what I expected although the government announced the curfew in the city between 11.00pm-5.00pm during that week, it didn’t interfere our daily plans and trips. Bangkok is beautiful mix cultures where different traditions are embraced and shared. Despite the Red- shirt issue, the people of Thailand were still the same. They were kind, generous, humble, sweet and honest. My mission of introducing my baby to true Thai culture was a big success. I loved the way Bangkok offered small corners of everything for everyone. In the busy street filled with traffic and crowd, you could find peace and harmony in green parks and gardens in just a few minutes drive.

The flavour of Thailand’s still the same; it even becomes more rich and robust. With a large number of varieties of quality products, I can’t help thinking it is one of the countries in the world that has so many choices for people, so the shopaholics coming here please beware! I have some good memories to cherish, and a lot of easy and delicious recipes to share! Please wait for my next entries.

Love and take care,

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    This can be one of the most compelling post I ever learned in a long time, I’m speaking about this piece of your article “… is beautiful mix couture where different traditions are embraced and shared. Despite the Red- …” this is it, you just smashed it down pal.

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