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Living 2 days on HighWay

We traveled South 1,000 kilometers every 4-6 months to visit my in-laws families in God’s Own Country, Kerala. It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. Rivers flow between hundreds of velvet green mountains likes snakes slither. People are lovely and the food is divined. The easiest way to get there is by plane. There is an international airport right on top of the green tableland at the centre of the state.

But we’ve been living in the land of Masala, we needed to spice up our lives by driving ourselves thousand kilometers across 3 states to get home.

We have done the trip like this 5 times already. Every time there was something new, something different and some problems to encounter. Like the first time, we learned to change the tire in the middle of the national forest ourselves, the second time, we had to scheduled our trip for almost 2 hours because of flood on the highway, the third time we got confuse and lost, the forth time we learned to fight the worst road conditions ever, and the fifth time we encountered the worst traffic in the highway and found ourselves the local guardian angles who suggested us the alternative way and we found the most beautiful villages in the middle of the jungle and a lot of lovely scenes. I don’t know what’s up next for us in the next trip. I loved the feeling like being in the “Amazing Race”.

We usually started at 6am in the morning when the road was clear and it was easy to get out of the city. We secured Yaseen in the car seat with me sitting beside him. My sister was in the front seat with the map and camera in her hands. The best part of the whole trip was the conversations. We talked and learned about each other more every single minute.

There would not be any good restaurant in this route, so we stopped somewhere in the middle of a thick forest or outskirt of a small village to have a quick picnic lunch, which I prepared 1 hour before the journey. We shared the leftover with friendly wild monkeys.

We stoped to walk on the white sand beach right on the highway. The waves was strong, and the wind was refreshing.

At the end of the first day we couldn’t even feel our legs because we barely moved in the tiny spaces. All we needed were a nice room. We got the best room in the best hotel in the Udupi at KM 780 from the beginning of the journey. The room wasn’t wonderful, but it’s all we can find on the highway.

The next morning we left the hotel at 7.00, and continued the journey into the coconut land. We were excited every time entering Kerala, the beautiful state where my husband was born. He wouldn’t stop bragging about how amazing this place was, we agreed, it was truly incredible.

We visited Bekal Fort, the beach front magnificent struture .

We stopped for lunch at our favourite restaurant where we always ordered fish biryani. Then it only took us two and a half hour to get home, where they always waited with smile and happy tears.

We are making a trip again next month; we hope to share with you soon.

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