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Thai Ice Tea

This recipe is great for summer any season. Thai ice tea has a wonderful color, and smell like bamboo leaves. This cool sweet orange milk tea pours in a glass of ice. It is the afternoon pleasure!

We bought fresh pasteurize tone milk for making breakfast drink every morning. But today we bought some extra for the afternoon treat.

The moment you added tea in the boiling milk and observed how lovely tea changed the color and texture slowly and infuses the flavor and smell up the air, you knew something great was coming.

Thai Ice Tea

Ingredients: (serving: Many glasses)

1 liter milk

2 1/2 Thai tea powder

1/2 cup sugar


Bring milk to boil in the pot.

Once the milk is boiling, lower the heat and add tea powder.

Add sugar and stir until dissolve.

Turn the heat off and cool down.

The tea should be lovely orange and fragrance. Adjust the sweet as you like, but remember to make quite sweet because we are serving this with a lot of ice.

Pour the tea in a glass of ice. Now you can sit back and enjoy this luxury tea.

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