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Pune University

It is also know as Oxford of the East, the hit spot for Asian & Middle East students. I graduated form here 4 years ago. This beautiful university is a famous educational destination and historical landmark of Pune city.

Pune University Main Building is under renovation for several months

This 400 acres campus is also popular hangout spot; it is a perfect place for family outdoor activities, picnic, and botanical wonderland trip.

The air in the university is so clean and fresh, it’s great for morning walk. Early of the day you will see cute senior citizen couples walking hand in hand. They are so cute and make me wonder if I and Sadik be this sweet when we are at this age.

We love it here...

We are so lucky to live so close by. We often go for a walk in the morning, hangout under the tree in the late afternoon, or go play football and cricket in the evening.

This must be the place I love the most in Pune. I can sit here and forget myself for one moment and let my head climbs up the tree or flies free over the top of the green grass.

There are beautiful gardens richen by the color of flowers and plants. I love going there to take photo and enjoy ever bit of these beautiful blossoms.

We live in the city so it is one of very few places where I can let Yaseen run free and roll over the muddy floor.

You must have your favourite park, where you love spending time with your family and make new friends…the place you sit for hours and lose youselves into the scene before your eyes. When is the last time you run bare feet so fast with the biggest smile on your face? How offend you lay down over the fresh grass without worrying about germs?

Me??? … in Pune university every weekend 🙂

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