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Placemats and Hellboy

After I’ve finished my coasters, I found crochet very enjoying. I found a little time while Yaseen napped in the afternoon to make something beautiful for my home.

I saw a placemat design at Zoom Yummy of Patra a few weeks ago and though how beautiful and simple it was. She has a lot of beautiful crafts on her website; you should visit and check them out.

I learned basic crochet from my friends from school but I had never got into a real project before. Petra site is really inspires me to try it and the results are really amazing.

I adapted the design a bit because I don’t know how to do the complicated stitches.

So here’s my placemats.


This yellow-green one is my creation 🙂

This bright pink is my sister’s.

They looks pretty, right?

 I also learned to make a teddy bear last night!

Actually Yaseen wanted a Hellboy. But uhhhhh how was I gonna crochet Hellboy? So I made him a red teddy bear instead. It wasn’t so perfect but I felt quite proud. And Yaseen absolutely loves his Hellboy bear. 

My next project : Lunch box case

So what are your hobbies?

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