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Leftover Chicken Sandwich and a Ghost

The night after we made Baked Chicken Rice we had the leftover baked chicken for breakfast. So I made chicken sandwich with banana milkshake in the morning.

Leftover Baked chicken Sandwich

Leftover baked chicken- shredded



Slice onion

Purple cabbage- sliced


Spread mayonnaise on one bread.

Add chicken, onion and cabbage.

Squeeze some ketchup over and to with another slice of bread.

Banana milkshakes (2 servings)

3 Bananas

2 tbsp honey

2 cup chilled milk

Add bananas, honey and milk in the blender and blend until smooth.

My husband had some urgent work in the morning so we just placed the breakfast next to him. So when we tried to get the picture, we caught this strange image in the picture.

I thought it might be some kind of lighting problem or dust in front of the lens.

But my sister convinced that it’s a spirit photo or a ghost…. Like in “Shutter” movie.

She’s so scared and we just loved to tease her 🙂

This might be out of the topic, but do you believe in ghost?

Take care,


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