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Tiger Zoo – Sriracha, Thailand

Going to the zoos is kind of bitter sweet for me because there are two things fighting in my head. I do have a strong belief in freedom and I feel pity for animals living in cages, but I love the zoos that they are educational and they give us opportunity to meet these amazing creatures. I know that the zoos take good care of the animals and let them have enough comfort in their spaces, but still it’s their right to live in the wild. (I believe)

Even though these conflicts run through my mind I do love going to the zoos very much. I like to see new animals I have never seen before or just to look at those I already know.

We went to Tiger Zoo in Sriracha city, Thailand a few months ago with a gang in Thailand. The zoo has a large number of tigers, bred successfully by the zoo itself.

Look at those eyes...


The zoo also has several other animals such as crocodiles, ostriches, deers, camels, kangaroos, elephants, chimpanzees, exotic birds, etc.

I can't believe she just did that!

We enjoyed exciting crocodiles wrestling show,

It is so funny! Elephants are so smart!

funny elephants show,

They are really discipline!

and mind blowing tiger show.

Yaseen with his Thai Grandpa

The zoo has a beautiful natural atmosphere. We just love strolling around in this precious park.

Sadik loves this Tiger cubs, he thinks it's just like Yaseen!

Yaseen made friend with so many animals and he especially loved tiger cubs which he had opportunity to feed and carry.

Look at Yaseen hands, he is squeezing a pity tiger...

We took family photo with one of the cute cubs.

Bye Bye ....

It was one of the best moments in our lives. We held hand and walked through the park meeting these friendly animals… I can’t wait to do it again.

What’s the cutest animal you have ever seen so far? We just love theses tiger cubs! 🙂


8 comments to Tiger Zoo – Sriracha, Thailand

  • hi Tes
    what a great zoo!! it looks like you had a wonderful day with all those great pictures! I don’t know if I would have been brave enough to get in with those croc’s though….those guys are crazy!!
    all the best

  • Kaz

    I flinched at the picture of the woman with her head in the croc’s mouth! Yikes!

    I think meerkats are adorable, especially after watching The Lion King. 😀

  • Magpiesrecipes

    Thank you Tes! I’m so glad you stopped by my blog to say that you liked the cardamom carrot cupcakes! Your family is adorable! Love the pictures of your trip to the zoo!

  • Hey tes!

    woowww..that is really nice! How I wish me and my husband can go there someday, my sister and her family lives in Bangkok…so maybe sooner or later we will come and visit Thailand too! thank you for sharing!

  • Hi Tes, Lovely pictures,your baby is cute..

  • What lovely pictures, Tes. It looks like a really nice and pleasant Zoo. I totally agree with you about animals in their natural habitat, but for kids it’s great to see animals they wouldn’t otherwise see.

    That crocodile show I would NOT have liked to see. Yuck, scary!

  • Justin Thomas

    @Mrs.Sadik…Its Great Eye Tonic feel to me after seeing such a beautiful Thai Zoo Picutures..Especailly Croco..

    Sadik…This time I Must Agree your Braveness to feed Cubs!
    **Luckily Escaped TIGERS are Inside the Cage:-):-)


    • Tes

      Thanks Justin! How’s the baby?
      I’m glad you like our post! We are planning to write something about Banglore, too.
      I hope you visit us offen!
      Hug and Kisses to a cute baby girl,

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