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Easy and Simple Thai Coconut Ice- Cream

I know that posting this recipe I really make so many people happy!

It’s not only 100% vegetarian and dairy free, but it is lighter and healthier than regular ice-cream. This magical recipe even doesn’t need an ice-cream maker 🙂

When I was small living in a village in Thailand, there was always a mobile ice-cream vender came in every afternoon. We would notice him by his unique happy jingle. By the time I reached him, there would be 5-6 kids waiting in queue already.

Attached to his motorcycle was a cart holding an old day ice-cream maker. Inside this cold tank was every kid’s wildest dream… the light cold fresh coconut ice-cream with sliced jackfruits and colorful Thai dessert mix.

There were 3 ways to devour this delicious dessert. He would serve the ice-cream in a plastic cup over sweet sticky rice and top with crushed peanut, or he would serve it on the crispy cone, and my favourite way was when he served it over the spongy soft bun.

My mom made coconut ice-cream at home sometimes so I learned to make this sweet treat from the best chef in the world.

Thai Coconut Ice-cream

Ingredients: (Yield about 1 L of ice-cream)

4 cup coconut cream – use can or fresh (to extract fresh coconut cream please see here)

4 tbsp corn flour

3/4 cup sugar

1/2 tsp salt

Toasted peanut for garnish

Add coconut cream with sugar and salt in the large pot and cook in the medium-low. Stir continuously and never let it boil.

When the solution is hot but not boil, dissolve corn flour in little coconut cream to create a smooth paste and add to the solution.

Cook further for few minutes in the low heat and turn off the heat.

Let it cool down.

Pour the creamy solution in a Tupperware.

Keep it in freezer for 1-2 hour or until it almost set from the side but still liquidly in the center.

Take the Tupperware out and whisk the ice-cream to break the ice crystal.

Put it back in the freezer again, and repeat the whisking process 2-3 times until you satisfy with the texture of the ice –cream.

Serve with crush peanut.

Coconut ice-cream is my favourite ice-cream… What’s yours?


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