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Bang San, Thailand- My delicious Beach

When we were in Thailand a few months ago, we met up with the gang there and went to beach. We selected the nearest beach to Bangkok so we could come back the same day.

Bang San beach is a one of popular tourist destinations know for good beach activities and good food. 

After along drive we sat down at the beach front cabana and there were many food sellers offer us fresh, delicious food.

Seafood was so fresh and cheap! 

We had these

Charcoal grilled prawn with hot and sour sauce,

BBQ fish- so fresh and tender

Thai style BBQ chicken- so sweet and almost melted in the mouth

Papaya Salad “Som Tom”- crushy spicy papaya salad, a must try dish when you are in Thailand

Crap meat fried rice- the best seafood fried rice I ever had 🙂

We also had BBQ squids, prawn tempura, Chinese plum poached guava, fresh fruits like pomelo, pineapple, and watermelon- they were so fresh and juicy.

We attacked all of these! 

For dessert we munched on these amazing Grilled Sweet Sticky Rice with Coconut in palm leaves,

and my favourite, the moon shined Sweet Crispy Rice Crackers.

We were so full so we just laid there relaxed under the cool shade of hot sun.

I could take the advantage of the clean white sand letting Yaseen rolled over and jumped on it. He was so happy.

Ahhh I know I made you so hungry…. I hope one day I could take you all to Thailand for a tasting & food tour.

Have you ever tried Thai food? Do you want to try or learn to make any of the above dishes I post? What’s your favourite Thai food that you want me to post the recipe next?

Love and Take care,

25 comments to Bang San, Thailand- My delicious Beach

  • Just lovely Tes, just lovely. You have such a beautiful family.

  • I was 19 when I went to Bangkok with my family…many years ago. I’m sorry to say we didn’t go to the beach. It looks so beautiful!

    We love Thai food and have a lot of Thai restaurants in Seattle, but our very favorite closed last fall. It was a small restaurant in our neighborhood owned by the nicest couple. She cooked and he served. Their food was so much better than other places; I think it’s because it seemed like Thai home cooking more than restaurant food.

    She made THE BEST pad thai! A lot of other places make it way too sweet. Do you have a good recipe you can post?

  • sensiblecooking

    Wow yummy looking food and wonderful family I am kind of jealous.

  • yeah pretty much…I cannot take my eye off those delicacies…each and every dish looks incredible, I hope we get a chance to visit Thailand some day…thanks for sharing this Tes!

  • This is not have such a wonderful family

  • Kaz

    That all looks so lovely! That’s a beautiful beach, and it looks like you had a wonderful time! 😀

    The sweet sticky rice with coconut in grilled palm leaves sounds so delicious!

  • Tes, the beach looks wonderful! I love all thai food, but if you could please post a recipe for panang curry (the paste especially) I’ll be hugely grateful!!

  • perimarann

    Wow, the food looks delicious! If you come across a recipe for charcoal grilled prawns, I’d love to see it 🙂

  • What a lovely beach, Tes! And all that food!

    I LOVE Thai food, but I don’t eat meat, so most of those dishes you describe are not for me. I sometimes cook a simple curry at home (something called Chiang Mai, I think), from another blogger’s recipe.

    I also love going to a Thai restaurant not too far from where we live. Last time I had pumpkin curry and it was SO delicious! Seriously, it was the best thing I’ve had for a while. Very soft, very orange-colored, just delicious. If you have a recipe for that, it would be so good!

  • I would have to say that ALL of those dishes look absolutely delicious and I would love recipes for all of them. Hope I don’t sound greedy but I love Thai food. I posted a recipe for Stir Fried Thai Garlic Prawns today 🙂 Mandy

  • It all looks so delicious. Especially the chicken. Mmmm…

  • These all look amazing – what a beautiful beach! I love Thai food and have to say that my favorite is a dish I can’t remember the name of – it’s a curry with mixed vegetables that a Thai friend made for me in Houston.

    From the above, my favorite would probably be that BBQ squid! Or maybe the coconut/rice in palm… I can’t decide – it all looks great!

    I’ll have to make sure I visit the beach – I plan on being in Thailand in November!

    • Tes

      That’s a great new, Joshua! I hope you enjoy the time there. We want to go back before New years, too… but not really sure yet. My sister is going back to Thailand in November, too. Let me know if you need any info about Thailand… If I know something, I will be happy to share 🙂

  • Ooo! The sticky rice recipe! I love Thai food! Anything with coconut is right up my alley! I want to go to Thailand SO badly!!

  • Caroline

    Wow!!! I am obsessed with Som Tum and order it every time I go out for Thai food, no matter how much my entree costs. I would love to learn how to make the prawn and squids! I would also love to see your recipe for drunken noodle 🙂

  • Life in a Recipe

    I just ate lunch and your posting manage to make me hungry again! Great photos, thanks for sharing. The Grilled Sticky Rice looked very interesting…can you share that recipe some time?

  • Beautiful beach. Thailand has become a very popular vacation destination for Danes. My aunt,uncle and cousins go there quite often, they love it. The food looks absolutely amazing.

  • A beautiful beach and what a glorious feast!!! thank so much for sharing this wonderful post! Wish I was there!!

  • The Thai style BBQ chicken just loooookkkkssss sooooo yummmmmy!!!! lucky u! 😉

  • The beach you visited is beautiful! And the food, oh my! I’d have to say that the chicken and the fried rice would be first on my list to try!


  • Lovely pictures. I have a pack of glass noodles. Any vegetarian recipe using them would be nice.

  • Pali

    Hi Tes,
    I am supposed to go there next week with my family to escape the floods. Could you please let me know where you went to have this delicious lunch?? Thanks!

    • Tes

      Bang San Beach is in Chon Buri, really close to Pataya. When you reach the beach, there will be a lot of food stores line up. There’re a lot of things to select from… and food is really fresh and cheap. Oh I am sorry to hear about the flood, we were almost stuck in Bangkok 2 weeks ago when we finally make it out and catch our flight back to India on time. I hope you have a wonderful time there 🙂

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