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Fish Burger Sandwich

My husband and son love fish. They eat fish fries, fish curry or stir fried fish. It is our favourite protein source. It is healthy and nutritious. Now a day, I am worried about chemical contamination in fish though, so I try to compose variations of fresh water and sea fish preferably wild and organic. But yes! I used frozen fish a lot and I am not ashamed of it. Though my mom wouldn’t approve using frozen food but I have to admit that there are brands that offer good quality and clean ready to cook fish.

Fish burger sandwiches are often made as a quick lunch or afternoon snack. It is super quick and easy.

Fish Burger Sandwich

Ingredients: (about as required by family and friends:) )

Frozen breaded fish

Oil for deep fry



Onion- sliced

Tomato- sliced

(Add any extras you like)


Heat the oil in the deep bottom pan over the medium heat.

Deep fry fish for 3-5 minutes until cook and golden brown.

Place cooked fish over a slice of fresh bread, add onion slices and tomato slices.

Add a dollop of mayonnaise and squeeze some ketchup in.

Top with another slice of bread and the yummy fish burger sandwich is ready 🙂

Do you use frozen food at all? What are your essential frozen food that must stay in your deep freeze?

Have fun,

2 comments to Fish Burger Sandwich

  • at last..I am trying to post comment on this since y’day but I do not know why the page gets expires every time…

    Fish Burger looks incredible and very unique recipe too.

    • Tes

      Thanks for your patience… I have a lot of problem with my site hosting for a couple of days now… we currently trying to fix this problem. It’s so nice to wake up and see your sweet comments 🙂

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