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Ajanta Caves


The weather has cleared up for a couple of weeks now, and we were so happy to be able to go places every weekend. This weekend we made a memorable trip to Ajanta Caves, the beautiful world heritage site just 230 km away from our home.


The roads to the caves are absolutely breathtaking. We drove across the velvet green farm lands, the small villages and the magnificent mountains and hills scenery. When we reach the site, there were shops and craft stores selling beautiful gems stones, jewelries and souvenirs. Some of these sellers could be a little bit annoying but some of them are really helpful with the information. We were lucky to meet a kind and honest man who showed us many wonderful things.

We were not allowed to take the vehicle up to the mountain, there were buses drove us and we were just enjoyed beautiful scenery along the road. The bus drove along the crystal clear river and you could actually heard the forest talked along the ride.

The trees and wild flowers sprouted their young and the air was fresh. The weather was perfect.

When we reached the cave, we couldn’t hesitate climbing up the steep stones. The first few step really made us so tired. There were so many squirrels and monkeys living in the surrounded trees.

The caves are located Ajintha villages in Aurangabad district, Maharashtra. The Ajanta caves have been recognized as a World heritage Site by UNESCO since 1983.

It was the rock- carved cave created during the 2nd century BEC and 8th century AD, containing sculptures and paintings used as chaitya-grihas (prayer halls) and the rest are monasteries in Buddhist religion.

It felt surreal walking in this long forgotten history.

There are 29 caves built by the impressive olden day craftsmanship and masterpieces arts.

The magnificent waterfall next to the caves gave the peaceful harmony to this beautiful jungle and provided the important life source to this entire colony.

We bought some souvenir from the friendly local stores. There were a lot of beautiful collections of gems stones and jewelries in really cheap price.

On the way back we stopped on various viewpoints. This trip was really an eye-opener for us. To see people lived different lifestyles and depended on different things…. It did make us feel so humble and grounded.

I am sorry that I have been less active lately. I have problem with my webhosting and also it’s been a busy and disorganized week for us.

Everything is on track now and I hope to share more recipes and family fun time with you guys as regular as before. If you had problems access our blog, please send us email at

Many readers send us emails asking to be parts of our adventures. I really love to take you guys in our amazing trips every weekend, too. Thanks for your supports. I will definitely organize something that we all can share and take part in soon.


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