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While we were out!

First of all, I am deeply sorry for being missing for 2 weeks without any notice. I haven’t had time to add anything to the blog, yet. We went to Kerala, my husband’s home town to visit the family, relatives and friends. We started the trip on 5th September and we came home last night (20th September) around 7 pm.

I will soon write about this trip and meanwhile I have to do serious work catching up with my cookbooks schedules and new recipes form friends’ blogs.

A tiny adorable thing’s happened in our house while we were out… a bird couple built a nest on our window. The husband were flying around kept bringing food for a mommy bird who’s hatching 6 tiny eggs in the fresh green grass nest. They are now living right on the window where I work…. so beautiful. We wish to see the whole process until the babies are born and fly away.


Miss you,

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