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Kerala Trip, September 2010

When we step out of our comfort zone, it allows us to explore and experience new things. Sometime we have to try something uneasy to know what life has to offer.

We discovered the joy and excitement of being lost on the cold roads in the thick jungles recently while driving back to my husband’s hometown. I have posted about Kerala Road Trip before, but this time we wanted to make it a little bit more interesting.

We decided to derail ourselves and drove through the small road that surrounded by rich forests and small villages instead of the comfortable highway. We always loved to be grounded and down to earth. We wouldn’t mind sitting on the roadside store sipping some local cups of tea or grasping some spicy local snacks.

We started the trip from Pune early morning around 4 am when it was raining. Yaseen was still asleep when we took him to the car and he slept as soon as the car started moving. It was rainy and cold. Yaseen was tucked in the warm blanket and fluffy pillow in the back seats with my sister.It was quite difficult to drive in the dark with rain but we slow and carefully made it through. Slowly the first rays of sunlight appear in the far corner of the sky and easily illuminated the ambiance. The light also woke my baby up. He was mixed with confusion and excitement.

We were on national highway (NH4). The lives on this road were simple and we felt so humble passing through it.

The more exciting part began when we turned away from the usual route to the smaller road which we didn’t really know anything about.

This twisted curved road was narrow and surrounded by small villages, old big trees and beautiful farm lands. We were surprise to see tamarind tree hung millions of its fresh fruits… really couldn’t resist eating some 🙂

I packed sandwiches, bbq chicken, stir fried chicken in curry paste, rice, a lot of juices, snack and fruits. We stopped on the side of the road and enjoyed the lunch picnic.

Our main pit stop was the biggest waterfall in India, Jog falls. It was magnificent but we have to wait about an hour for the fog to clear out so we could see it.

We then continued the journey to the mysterious luscious green wonderland. We couldn’t help rolling the window down to accept the freshness that the jungle had to offer. The road was quite rough but we really didn’t care. We actually enjoyed being thrown here and there.

The small streams clawed their ways between the trees made us want to jump in. There was no site of the human residence but few tourist vehicles climbed there ways in and out this mystical jungle.

We slowly rejoined the civilization and become so tired. We were lucky to get a really nice room with an amazing ocean view. We slept so tight that we almost forgot that tomorrow the new exciting adventures were about to begin.

 Stay tune!!!

Have a nice day,

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