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Continue to Kerala

It has been a while since we woke up with the smell of the sea and sound of the waves. This trip did remind me to keep searching for the new excitement in life, and helped me to let go of a lot of things and tried to go with the flow.

We stayed at the temple town, Murudeshwar at RNS Residency the beautiful beach front hotel where I wished to stare at the view forever.

It was just about the time when the fishermen returned from the fishing trip so we stopped by the fish market just right outside the hotel. There were a lot of fish and crab came in which would be soon vanished into the local restaurants and kitchens. I too would like to work with these fresh ingredients. But we had to leave so early to catch up with another 500+ km.

We were back on road again and it started to rain. The road condition was bad due to water clogging on the road but it wasn’t something we were not expected.

The beautiful beach on the highway called us to stop. It was so warm and refreshing to be there on the beach so early in morning. We spent few minutes to enjoy it and then continue. If there was a spot on earth to make me felt so comfortable and be myself the most, it had to be a calm silent beach like this one.

We passed many beautiful rivers along side the tall green coconut trees which represented the scene of Kerala. We fully understood why it was called God’s Own Country. It’s so beautiful and fresh all the time. I was here every season and it’s always the same.

The supplies went out and all we had were candies bars and chips. We had to relay on the restaurant food. We had delicious Thali for lunch from the riverside restaurant which made us feel so full that we wanted to take a long nap by the crystal clear water.

We reached home at 10.00 pm where everyone was waiting. It felt so good to have a home here surrounded by the mountain, rivers and ocean. People who live here must feel really privilege and bless to be in this glorious piece of land.

We couldn’t wait for the sun to rise again so we could go exploring these mountains and meeting the people.

Have a beautiful weekend,

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