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Hello Winter!

When I woke up late this morning, I finally realized that winter was about to enter the city. It was almost 8 in the morning when the fog still covered the street. I noticed people wore jackets and scarves… oh yes! It’s getting cooler.

I love when it is cooler here when we can stay in the sun without feeling like burning. Today the weather was just perfect, so we wanna spend the day lazily and enjoyed every minute of it.

Yaseen discovered the beautiful big box in on the dinning table when he woke up. He was so curious to see what was inside. It was a giant box of dried fruits my husband got as a Diwali gift from his office last night. And Diwali means winter night with lots of magnificent fireworks! The box contained gorgeous dried fruits which we soon started munching on. I decided to keep some for making some dessert later.

It’s been a while we hung out in university garden. My sister was eager to see changes in this beautiful park as she will soon leave the city at the end of November. The flowers blossomed spraying the luxury perfumes that lured tiny bees to collect the sweet nectar. They flushed the garden with colors. The air was fresh and we would love to stay there whole day.

Every season brought Pune different flavour. Winter brought warms and colors. Yaseen ran wild sniffing each flower and jumped across the garden. We thought of taking him there everyday for fresh air and play. I would love to have some books and hot cocoa with me next time. It would be absolutely perfect to for picnic under the big green trees.

Tomorrow is Halloween….  The day we were looking forward to have some fun. Yaseen will ran around the city wearing his costume. We will visit friends in the city and share some sweets and treats. We will also have a small family party in the balcony filled up with fun food and snacks.

How is your day today? What are you up to on Halloween?

Have a beautiful weekend,

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