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“For My Love of Veggies”

I am not going to go into the debate on meat and veggies which is better. I am not in the position to give the advice on nutrition neither. But I do know what is good on the dinning table and what make you feel fresh and healthy. I believe the key to the good food and good health is “balancing”.

As you know that we are the fans of deep frying and not afraid of fast food. The trick of staying fit and fresh is to balance it out with good bowl of salad, fresh fruits, or nice veggies menu. Not to mention that we love to stay active, playing with the naughtiest baby in the world and we are a serious travelaholic.

So we indulge ourselves with rich chocolate pudding, ice- cream, creamy vanilla cake, and burn it off hiking over the weekend.

Though I prefer my meal meaty and rich, but I do have a lot of vegetarian dishes that I love and dare to say that they would never disappoint anyone. When I moved to India, I learned a lot of vegetarian recipes. Indian vegetarian recipes are so delicious and colorful like its traditions and cultures… which make me search for more exotic and exiting Asian vegetarian recipes that we love to share next.

I also feel so happy that a lot of friends send requests for more vegetarian friendly recipe.

So I am so glad to introduce new program “For my Love for Veggies” on our blog. We are going to share few delicious, fresh and healthy recipes every week. We also love to invite everyone to share their favourite yummiest veggies dishes by sending the content here at or leave the links and contact in the comment section.

I know we are going to create such a fun and healthy program together.

Have a wonderful day,

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