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Ok! If you are not familiar with this word, “Diwali” is one of our favourite festivals here in India. Diwali is the festival of lights. Families light small clay lamps and decorate their home with glittering lights. I always feel so happy and blossom during these prosperous holidays. People prepare special food and share sweets. They would wear beautiful new clothes and visit friends and relatives with gifts.

When it is Diwali, it is cold and cozy, people are sweeter and more generous, it is colorful and vibrant, there are magnificent fireworks at night, there are good food and mountains of desserts to share.

My sister called Diwali “war of firecrackers and fireworks” and some how it is true. People really go crazy with these things. On Diwali night don’t expect to get sleep before midnight because event small kids are still not done with their fired rockets. I am not kidding when I say the air of whole city fills with gun powder at night. We love watching this beautiful demonstration of color in the dark sky on our balcony wrapped in blankets.

Do it in Diwali

So what are we doing in Diwali? We are making yummy Indian feast for lunch which will also provide us leftover for dinner.

We are going shopping for sweet and snacks which will be gifted to our friends and neighbors.

At night we will heat up some leftovers and then maybe some homemade dessert in the balcony watching the fireworks.

So what’s up next?

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See how busy we are? We just love it! 🙂

Happy Diwali,

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