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Mulshi Lake

After the intense Diwali night that left us sleepless, we got up really late and found that the city was in the mist. Yaseen wanted to get out of the house and played but we decided to wait until the mist cleared out. We had breakfast in our favourite restaurant and decided to get out of the city.

We did not plan this, and we did not know where we were going. We just let the road lead us to some place.

An hour went by we reached a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains and small farms. It was the beautiful untouched lake. My husband and I were here before few years ago on our bike road trip. Every view of the lake still took my breath away. It was so beautiful and clean.

Yaseen screamed “Water! Water!” which mean he wanted to swim unfortunately it was not allow entering the water.

Mushi Lake is one of the important reservoirs of Pune used for irrigation and producing hydroelectric power. There are great holiday resorts and restaurants perfect for family vacations. There are many boards warned visitor not to enter the lake because of reptiles, quicksand and seaweeds but still people like to sneak into some spots.

The water was crystal clear, cool and fresh. We could see the tiny fish lurking around the stones. Yaseen played game of throwing stones into the lake with his dad. There were a lot of perfect spots for picnic and hangout. 

To be with my family in this beautiful place is one of the precious moments in my life.

Have a nice day,

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