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Morning walk in the street of Thailand

Lives begin so early in Thailand. Before the roosters crow “cook-a-doodle-dooooo”, many towns and cites light up with fluorescent lights attached to the mobile carts selling foods, drinks, ingredients, anything you would want in the morning.

Schools start around 8.00 am and most of the offices start just about the same time, most of their destinations are far from home, so you would see these early risers grasp some quick bites from these venders one their journeys.

Delicious fresh foods ready to fly out any moment. There are varieties of things to choose from. Noodles and porridges are the popular choices while the full meals are ready to serve.

It is interesting to know that beautiful and colorful yummy dessert is one of the things people love to have in the morning.

There are cold fresh fruits already cut ready for the health conscious and diet groups.

We love cooling organic orange juices. There are really good choices of nutritious and wellness dishes for everyone.

The smells of fresh baked products are indescribable. They are so cheap and amazingly delicious.

But what I love the most is the variety of deep fried stuffs. You could really just follow the smell to find the yummy stores with crispy hot things.

Talking about smell…. One of the things that smell so good on these yummy streets is coffee! Freshly brewed creamy coffee, tea, cocoa and other hot and ice cold drink are so comforting and perfect for the beautiful morning.

Other than food, there are so many things sold in the morning, too. Beautiful flowers and garlands for Buddhist’s rituals. It’s one of the things every household has to have in their home. There are funky clothes, fresh cooking ingredients and even lotteries.

Soon after the sun rises for few hours, these temporary delightful markets are disappeared into thin air. Soon from the evening till midnight these area would blossom again with the most delicious thingssss. Do I need to cook????

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