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Pawna Lake

This is the last week of my sister in India. She will go back home in Thailand for 2 months since her visa term is expired and she has to stay out of the country for 2 months before renewing her visa again. It is going to be hard and difficult not to have her around.

We made a memorable and beautiful trip together last Sunday to another beautiful lake near Pune.

Pawna Lake is formed due to the existence of Pawna Dam. It is peaceful and quiet surrounding. This beautiful and calm lake is a perfect hide away for us from the busy weeks.

My sister and I got up early to prepare food for picnic. We made corn fritters, stir fried chicken with curry powder and celery leaves, teriyaki chicken, and spicy egg salad. We packed up all necessaries like drinking water, juices and snacks, etc.

We had a quick breakfast and started our journey. It took us less than an hour to find the pleasant sites and beautiful scenes. We felt so relax and enjoyed the fresh cool breeze under the shiny sun.

We indulged in a lazy drive along the crystal clear lake and between the magnificent hills.

The water was so clean and clear that we could smell the freshness infused in the air. We had trouble explain to Yaseen that the lake might not be safe to swim. He really love swimming.

There were trees, plants, wild flowers and dried tall grasses created the perfect pictures as in the artist canvases.

There were activities like boating and hiking popular among tourists, and there were few restaurants served local delights.

We just moved along the lake and appreciated what nature has to offer.

We found the ancient well that has never dried out. Make a wish “Let everyday be happy and perfect like this forever” 🙂

We finally found the perfect spot under the big tree to sit and open our picnic basket. The delicious food and the beautiful lake…. What a perfect weekend!

After hanging out under the tree for a while we decided to go home… we thought what could be more perfect… and then the magic happened. It started to rain and soon we saw the perfect rainbow just in front of us. We taught Yaseen to say “Rainbow” for the first time.

How was your weekend?

Have a nice day,

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