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Our Rice Farm

Have you ever see rice flowers? These tiny white blossoms sprout from the half-ripe glowing green spikes which soon will turn to rich yellow grains that ready to be harvested.

They are pretty amazing and beautiful. They are the signs that show us we need to gather labours and capital for the big cultivation that is about to happen.

It’s the harvesting season and our nutritious crops are ready to be cultivated. Rice is so important in Thailand. It’s our stable food and important agriculture products of the country. There is a bad flood in the central and south of the country this year. We are so lucky that we didn’t affect by the unfortunate event. My family sent these pictures of our farm last week. They want to show us these fruitful rice gardens before they have been harvested from the field.

We have grown rice in large pieces of land this year. We expect almost 2 tons of jasmine rice and 2 tons of sticky rice. This quantity is so much more than we actually consume in a year. We usually share this with relatives and friends who don’t have rice or whose farm isn’t really productive.

Our farms smell divine by the fresh yellow- green leaves flowing in the air. The mud is cold and the dews on the grasses and bushes give the sparkling effects throughout the lands. Every heavy golden spike contributes to the massive mountain of rice grain at the end of this process.

When we were kids, harvesting season doesn’t only means for crops, but also for wild berries, fruits and nuts.

Our vegetables garden also yields a wonderful result.

Kids love these tangy berries which are wonderfully ripe and juicy now.

These berries have funny name, Tong Laeng! They are very sweet and grows right on our fields dividers.

We just love this beautiful Thai almond. It’s very crunchy and locals’ favourite.

The water over fills the pond with healthy organic fish, with thick bushes of wild morning glories or water spinach on the shore which is fabulous for our stir fried dish. If you read our post on Fish in Our Pond a few months ago, you’ll see that we raise fish in our rice field during the growing process of our crops. These fish grew really big and healthy, and we have already taken them out to cook and preserve them by drying in the hot sun.

We can’t wait for them to ship some dried fish along with new jasmine rice to India as we know they are so incredible.

Stay tune for our beautiful farm update.


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