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Ok, I have been waiting for this moment for quite long time. I love waffle and basically I grew up eating those coconut waffles from the mobile venders on the way to school. Since I have been living in India, I couldn’t find waffle maker anywhere. Every time I went back to Thailand, I always forgot to bring the waffle maker here.

My husband was the cutest man when he remembered my 7 years grumbling about the waffle maker. When he went to America last month, he bought me a waffle maker. I was so excited to try as soon as it arrived in my kitchen. Within few second, my excitement was destroyed because I found out that this Cusinart waffle maker wasn’t suitable for electrical current used in India. We use 220 volt here which is different from 110 volt in the US. After few more weeks of searching for the voltages converter, my little dream of eating the fluffy golden honeycombs finally came true.

So this morning was a perfect day. I woke up and ask Yaseen to help me out in the kitchen. He was exciting about my new gadget, too. We prepared the batter and started making the simple delicious waffles.

I loved when the iron plate lifted up to tease us with a glimpse of haven. 

Basic Waffle

Ingredients: (3 servings)

1 1/2 cup flour

1 tsp baking powder

4 tbsp sugar

A pinch of salt

3 eggs

1 cup milk

50 gm butter- soften or melted

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

How to cook:

Whisk sugar, eggs and butter until combined and sugar dissolved.

Add milk and whisk further until smooth.

Sift in flour, baking powder, vanilla extract and beat until smooth.

Preheat the waffle maker, brushed with butter when it is hot.

Pour in the batter and close the waffle maker.

Check occasionally if your waffle maker is non-automatic.

Cook the wafer for few minutes or until golden brown.

Serve hot with more butter, icing sugar, jam….well just about everything 🙂

Our waffles turned out to be super perfect. They were crispy from the outside and spongy fluffy inside. They were hot and oozed by butter and vanilla in everywhere.

There were few ideas came to my mind… breakfast waffle with turkey bacon, corn and cheese…. Coconut waffle with coconut cream topping, waffle with sundried tomato, basil and salami…yummmm! 

What’s your favourite waffle recipe? And what’s the new kitchen gadgets you are exciting about?

Happy cooking!

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