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Custard Dorayaki

My favourite cartoon character when I was a kid was Doraemon. He is a robotic cat who has so many cool gadgets, machines and tools from the future in his tiny pockets. As small kids, who wouldn’t wanna be friend with Doraemon.

Doraemon has his favourite treat called Dorayaki. It is yummy fluffy pancake stuffed with sweet red beans paste. These stuffed pancakes are not only delicious but they are super cute… or what should I say “Kawaii”!!! I end up love Dorayakis just because Doraemon love them 🙂

A few days ago, I visited one of my favourite blog, Gourmande in Osaka and she has just posted the delicious picture of Dorayaki. I was so inspired and how hard could it be to make stuffed pancakes.

Well, it turned out…. I wasn’t so right after all.

I woke up and prepared the basic pancake batter as usual. I added an extra egg to make the batter more fluffy. A bit of soy sauce was supposed to be added for color, but I thought it’s gonna make my pancakes tasted funny…. So I omitted that.

I was out of red beans so I tried to be more creative using homemade custard. Just eggs, sugar, milk, corn flour, vanilla and stir on the hot stove.

I really needed to practice more to get the perfect round pancake with the perfect lovely brown faces. Mine wasn’t all that! I was so impatient and frustrated to make it right. I also left the custard on the stove to long so they became too thick and hard.

So my result Dorayaki was quite crazy! with the chunky jelly like custard filling and my very wrong pancakes.

I could see the hesitations on my husband and son faces to try them. But it’s morning and this was breakfast I’ve made! They tried… “It’s great OK, Girl!” This was exactly what he said. Yaseen smiled… he only took the pancake.

I thought they tasted wonderful inconsiderate their looks and the hard custard. Next time I will get it right, so Doraemon won’t feel disappointed!

Take care,

9 comments to Custard Dorayaki

  • We call those flap jacks here and we call crepes pancakes, but I agree, they’re delicious. I may make some this afternoon for my daughter’s lunch.

  • I love that you posted and shared what you think is an imperfect recipe. Your pancakes look good to me, although I do agree with you that the custard is too thick, even so, you got rave reviews from your husband and son!
    🙂 Mandy

  • I’m glad its not just me who has a nightmare with custard. It is always too thick, too runny or lumpy- horrible! The pancakes look great though.

  • Those pancakes look great! I’m not sure what you expected – can they be more perfect?

    The custard, hmm, that is a bit odd. Mine is usually way too runny. Although I don’t make it very often now, as we have a shop-bought kind of custard called “vla” that you eat cold, in all kinds of flavours and it’s delicious.

  • These look wonderful and your photos are just amazing!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the kind comment!

  • That’s a great recipe idea, Tes! I’ve never had custard pancakes before, but I can imagine they’re delicious! And they look very nice to me anyway 🙂

  • The pancakes really look fantastic, and I’ll bet that while the custard was a bit thick, it was perfect with your pancakes. I enjoyed your blog post. I’ve had many experiences like this, and I find I’m often much harder on myself, and my family is usually pleased. 🙂

  • Ohmygod–DORAEMON! We grew up together, you and I! I adored that funny looking blue cat too. Except that I watched the cartoon in Chinese when I was a kid, and I knew him as Ding Dong. I’ve been wanting to make dorayaki for the longest time and bought pre-made red bean paste this past summer to prepare—just checked the package and it expired 😛 Although your dorayaki didn’t come out as expected, custard is awesome, and it sounds delicious.

  • Doraemon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I <3 me some Doraemon!!!

    I wish I had a front pouch like his. I would be pulling magic things out of it all the time, too. And some amazing snacks, too. 🙂

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