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Weekend with my Supermen

The weekend morning arrived when we were still cozy in the bed. Yaseen jumped in and woke us up with the superman costume in his hands. He wouldn’t wanna wear anything else today.

It was the wonderful day with a little scattered spray of rain with the early day fresh air. We decided to spend the morning in Pune University.

It was the first time he rode this cool bike which was his 2nd birthday gift from Sadik’s colleagues. He was so excited, and hopped on the bike with full energy. He pushed us away when we tried to support him. He was very confident and independent. This made me worried when would be his first bicycle accident since we all needed to have once in life.

We came home late after Sadik took a pit stop at his office. We could feel that he was very tired from the way he attacked the giant burger form McDonalds. I don’t usually do McDonalds for breakfast that often, but it’s the convenient quick bites on the way home.

We preferred simple frittatas, sausages and buttered our toast with rich real butter. It is important to have a good brunch on the weekend with your family. To eat some homemade and healthy food and just talk is actually my favourite part of the week. Since we were not out and traveled to the mountains and lakes this week so we just wanted to spend the days with each others.

Sadik wasn’t a bad cook, he actually made great curries. If it wasn’t that he made to much mess while cooking, I would let him took over the kitchen sometimes. He made a wonderful Prawn Masala with Capsicum which went so well with my Butter and Pea Rice. I will share both the recipes later.

Our weekend regular activities also included a stop at Spicer College for fresh doughnuts and soy milk. Yaseen loved these sugar glazed soft doughnuts with chilled earthy soy milk.

We watched “Once upon the time in Mumbai”, a great Bollywood movie with our orange blossom parfaits. It was a simple but precious moment. Yaseen didn’t understand the story but he loved every song in it.

I love my lazy and indulging weekend like this. I love cooking with my husband, playing with Yaseen and just lay down watching movie enjoying homemade dessert or snacks. 

I love this week but next week we will be out again… maybe hiking 🙂

So how was your weekend?


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