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Our Farm Update 30.11.2010

The best part of being farmer is you get to eat fresh and best! I mean it! My family in Thailand basically throws vegetables in the wok as soon as they’ve been picked.

We know that our vegetables and fruits are healthy and safe because we don’t use chemical fertilizer and pesticide. Most of the ingredients are from our precious green land.

Now that winter has arrived, Mrs Farmer grows a lot of salad leaves, gailan, napa cabbage, dills, scallion, morning glories, etc which are essential to our stir fried dishes.

The massive piles of fresh vegetable also contributed to her pickling jars. She has an aromatic plot of mint and coriander which is used in salad. Chilies are her masterpieces, and that’s how her kitchen is spicy and flavourful.

Our ponds give the important source of proteins. There are gigantic fish and shrimps lurking in crystal clear water. We make everyday meals out of this pond. Here’s how we cook up our fish.

Around the lands unfold the valuable ingredients used in the kitchen. Thai eggplants usually float over the creamy green curry.

Fresh holy basil leaves are important in our favourite spicy stir fry dishes.

The fresh stalks of lemon grass need their spaces in our homey dishes.

We also blessed with sweet caramelize chikoos

and crunchy green guavas.

We feel steady and self- sufficient to celebrate the food from our own resources. It’s more than the humble and proud experiences but also the pleasure to watch everything slowly grows to its prime.

Next week we will take you to another section of our farm where the ducks and chickens give rich orange yolks and the fat turkeys rose on grasses, and rice. 

Have a nice day,

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