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Leeswammes’ Blog

We’ve been nourished ourselves with delicious food and healthy recipes for quite sometime now, it’s time to nurture of thoughts, minds, ideas, and imaginations.

Photo by Ian Kahn

My friend, Judith runs a beautiful Leeswammes’ blog, a book blog I love. Every week, I got some amazing books to read from there. I love the way I travel and live in the exciting novels she suggested. And I love that these books make me feel wiser and smarter.

Today I am featured in her Book bloggers Abroad program. 

Please check it out and you will be surprise to see how many good books are out there 🙂 


11 comments to Leeswammes’ Blog

  • Congratulations on being featured and thanks for the link, I’m off to take a look 🙂

  • Fabulous news Tes on being a guest blogger. Congratulations. Beautifully written article.
    🙂 Mandy

  • Felicia

    Hi Tes,
    I just wanted to thank you for reading my blog and for your comment! I am so happy you dropped in, because I have been reading your stuff for the last little while and it is great! It sounds like we love the same things- cooking, homemaking, being a mom(I have a son who is 3), being a wife. I can’t wait to read more of your blog and try your recipes! You make lots of food that I want to know how to make. I hope you will come back to my site soon, too, so I can keep sharing my recipes with you! I hope if you like what you see you will consider adding me to your blogroll. May I add you to my blogroll? By the way, congratulations on being featured on that book blog!
    all the best to you,

    • Tes

      Thanks, Felicia!
      I love to add you in my blogroll. That way we can keep track of each other posts! I love your cooking, too. My son loves all western cuisines so it’s nice to learn from your site.

  • I love to read too, have been reading a lot of contemporary fiction recently but I really want to start reading the classics, Great Gatsby, Lolita, that sort of thing. I read a book called Reading Lolita in Tehran which I loved, it is about an illegal women’s book club in Iran. They read & talk about these books so it got me wanting to read them too.
    I have name checked you and your recipe for onion bhajis on my post today because I used it for inspiration, Thank you!!

  • Great guest post, Tes. I love seeing more than just food posts!

  • Hi Tes-Please stop by my blog to pick up your award. Just copy and paste the award to your blog, and follow the rules.
    Pass it on to 15 bloggers or less if your prefer.
    Congratulations, you certainly deserve it!

  • Chef Dennis

    Hi Tes
    congrats on being featured on Leeswammes blog, I am on my way over to see it!

  • Congratulations Tes! I like food blogs with more depth and this is the type of experience that will help you develop your own!

  • Hi Tes, congrats on being featured!! I’m gonna go check it out now 🙂

  • Congratulations Tes, that is a really nice write-up. You can be very very proud!

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