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Pune Marathon

Last Sunday, we went to run against AIDS in Pune International Marathon 2010. It was Yaseen first marathon, he was very excited. I was worried how he might react to the huge crowd but he was so mature and really enjoyed meeting people and make new friends.

Pune International Marathon is an annual charity run in Pune. Many big IT companies, government and private sectors join hand in hand to make this a successful and wonderful event.

If you have been in Marathons before, you would know that it was a really accelerating experience. People were cheering and we were so high with adrenaline in our blood.

We met Sadik’s colleagues at the assembling area where people lined up waiting for the race to start. Yaseen, of course, wore his favourite outfit and already warmed up by jumping in the car on the way to the starting point.

Soon people gathered into the biggest crowd packed us like a sausag. People started cheering and yelling, the noise was unbelievable!

One! Two! Three!…. That was the only noise from the spokesperson which made us realized that the race has begun.

We were worried at first that we won’t be able to catch up with others because we had to carry Yaseen when he was tired and also he would be slower. But he was the fastest in our family.

His tiny little feet quickly run in front of us. He screamed and cheered with excitement the whole journey. He also made a lot of friends along the run. People were so friendly and encouraged this superman to finish his race.

It was only 3.5 km for us and 35 km for professional runners. Yaseen ran about 1.5 km when we started worrying about his physical healthy. He didn’t want to be carry but somehow we made him stay with a blue ballon.

At the end he wanted to make the finish line himself which made him really happy and proud.

He hung out to see the entertainment program. There was Bollywood dancing, singing, etc. to entertain the crowd.

We had a chance to see the winner. A big applauded!!!!

It was a fun weekend! We loved that we could blend in and be a part of community.

Next year count us in and Yaseen will run the whole marathon 🙂

Have you been in Marathon before? How was your weekend? 

Take care,

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