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Missing Wedding Ring

I don’t usually wear my wedding rings all the time. It’s been with me for 5 years, and still looks polished and sparkling…. But today I’ve lost it 🙁

I don’t like to wear jewelry when I’m at home. Only on special occasions or when I went to some fancy places, I would ware them. My wedding ring usually kept with my passport and important document…. I know! It wasn’t a right place to keep it. And today it wasn’t there. I couldn’t really remember when was the last time I actually wore it. Sadik has always warned me about misplacing my jewelries, they’re usually kept everywhere… in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, my sister bedroom, etc.

Today I turn the whole house up side down searching for it. It’s very important for me. Not only it’s the simple of our love but also the reminder of the long way we came together. 5 years ago when we didn’t have much money, Sadik took me to one of the biggest jewelers in the city and asked me to select any ring I wanted. After a quick glance of the whole showroom, my eyes was set on the white gold ring with yellow gold heart shape setting and 12 diamond on it. Nothing could fit me more perfectly… it was one of a kind.

I am sad and frustrated about this at the moment. Though I am pretty sure, it must be in the house… some where…but I did look everywhere 🙁

I really don’t know what to do, but I have to keep looking.

I hope you guys have a good day,

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