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BBQ Chicken Sandwich

When we went to Subway on Sunday for some quick bites, Sadik was unhappy about his chicken teriyaki sandwich. I thought my sandwich was fine, but it wasn’t worth.

While we were shopping for grocery, I thought of redeeming his not so happy sandwich experience by making the simple and delicious sandwich for him.

The most important of making a good sandwich is using fresh and organic ingredients. The vegetables have to be fresh and crunchy and the meat needs to be hot and juicy. The bread need to be soft and fresh…. as simple as that! People love their sandwich differently, and I know my man loves the meaty sandwich with fresh vegetables, no pickle and with generous mild and sweet dressings.

BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Ingredients: (2 servings)

For chicken:

1 cup sliced boneless chicken

1 tbsp BBQ sauce

1/2 tbsp olive oil

For sandwich

Some sliced yellow bell peppers

Some sliced tomato

Some sliced onion

Fresh mint leaves

Some lettuce & salad leaves



Sweet chili dressing

Tomato ketchup

Fresh bread (We used soft parmesan bread)

How to make:

Heat olive oil in the skillet over the medium heat.

Add chicken and toss around until brown.

Add BBQ sauce and stir for few minutes.

Remove from the heat and keep aside.

To assemble:

Halve the bread into 2 pieces and then again lengthwise to make 4 pieces of bread.

Toast them over the preheated skillet until brown.

Spread each pieces of bread with some mayonnaise.

Arrange some onion, tomato, yellow bell peppers, lettuce, salad leaves, fresh mint leaves, and chicken over the bread.

Drizzle some mustard, sweet chili dressing and ketchup over it.

Cover with another piece of bread. Repeat the process to make another sandwich.

I know my husband love this sandwich. “It’s so good and fresh!”, he said. The chicken was amazingly caramelized in the smoky bbq sauce. It was hot and tender in contrast with the crunchy and fresh vegetables in the sandwich. The dressing and sauce blended so well creating the flavourful smack in every bite. “We need to make this more often. It’s so good and healthy”, he finally added.

What’s your favourite sandwich?

Take care,

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