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Malshej Ghat

An unexpected plan occurred due to the cancelation of our trip to Daman beach resulting us to drive the massive circle to visit the divine mountains. I thought I have seen every corner, mountains and hills around Pune but this trip was an eye-opening for me.

Pune- Malshej Route

Traveling in India made me familiar with a word “ghat”, which means mountains pass or route through mountains. Driving through ghat is exciting and accelerating. It makes us feel alive while moving through serene mountains and narrow steeps.

Sadik, Yaseen and I made a spontaneous trip to Malshej ghat  last Monday.

Malshej ghat is an enchanted hill station surrounded by thick forest and beautiful landscapes. Though the best time of visiting is during monsoon when there would be the lush green velvet carpet floor and the misty atmosphere with the waterfalls leaking through the magnificent mountains, we found it to be so calm and peaceful in the lonely dry winter.

The dry wind blew the sky clear so we could see the glorious nature extravagances. The sun light warmed up the hills and it was perfect time to drive along the country side.

Malshej ghat is also home to various kinds of wild animals and birds like flamingos, quails, cuckoos, rails, etc. 

I was skeptical about this trip because I didn’t think we could enjoy the trip without my sister. But it was such a perfect trip, it was so beautiful.

After 2 hours drive from Pune, away from the tension in the city, we found the splendid scenery. Yaseen woke up and jumped out of the car to receive the fresh air. Soon he started smiling with full excitement and sceamed “Bye! Bye! Tubbies, bye! Tubbies, bye!”. We realized after a few second that he referred to Teletubbies, his favourite show. We thought that the land resemble to the scene in the show so he believed that Telebubbies lived there.

Along the ride we could enjoy the setting of the unaltered villages and farmlands. Imagine how simple lives are there by observing these chasteness habitations. My husband has the passion for preserving and honoring these old villages.

We found the small dam on the bottom of the hills filled with sparkling crystal clear water. There were sights of farmers working on their farms and the children played on the bank of the river.

I could smell the clean water and the fresh mud infused in the air. It was a memorable and wonderful scent that transported us to our childhood places.

There were several plateaus with beautiful views which were great places for hang out and picnic. The tablelands were cover with grasses, wild flowers and fresh air.

The nature mastered its artworks by constructed the most boastful and unusual mountains. They were so well formed in different shapes and sizes. We couldn’t help imagine flying above these colossal curves to see what were up there.

Though it is a popular tourist destination, it is not commercialized, so you won’t see a lot of restaurant and accommodation here. This also results in an untouched and unspoiled natural paradise. The best accommodation in Malshej Ghat is MTDC resort. It is very reasonable and beautifully situated in the middle of the ocean of mountains.

We decided to go back again in the monsoon when we could experience this astounding wild in rich green and misty panorama, hopefully with my sister and a group of friends. It would be amazing place for trekking, camping or just sitting on top of these mountains.

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