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Lazy New Year

This is the first post of 2011. We have been absented from blogging for almost a month because the busy holidays and family unorganized messy schedules. I didn’t make a party or cook at all. In fact we spent New Years out of the house most of the time.

We had breakfasts, lunches and dinners in some of our favourite restaurants and spent the whole day shopping from one mall to another.

We did lose control on clothes and a lot of things. It was late evening when we got home with a pile of shopping bags and box of fried chicken which Yaseen soon started attacking because he felt so hungry after whole day running in the shopping malls.

My husband spent a week in US last week on the business trip leaving me and Yaseen in here in India. We had a lay back and lazy week together. Lunch mostly came from the packages like instant noodles and microwave meals, and dinner was a simple dish like roasted chicken or his favourite simple rice dish. We played whole days and slept late watching movies.

When my husband came back yesterday, Yaseen could smell the heaven inside the luggages. We love opening the the luggages and get surprised from what he brought us. Yaseen got a big Smurf doll, toys and candies. I got a new fluffy and warm jacket and make-up supplies (he is so cool!). But when my husband pulled some stuffs out from Trader Joe’s Yaseen got so excited jumping up and down. We always love something from Trader Joe’s 🙂

I envy people in the US who had a lot of choices and nice shops like this where there are a lot of yummy thing. There were peanut butter cups, jellies, chocolate clouds, chocolate coated almonds and delicious cinnamon cookies. These were simple treats he knew we love.

The peanut butter cup was out of the world delicious. It’s our favourite. 

I’ve just finished organizing my pantry and ready to cook a delicious meal again.

Off to cook now…

Take care,

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