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Young Coconut Water

Sadik spotted a coconut cart on our way back from shopping yesterday. He told me his friend from US who recently visited India for the first time asked him so strangely what those big green fruits that people drank from were.

For all my foodie friends, you’ve must already known coconut. It’s an important ingredient in many Asian curry, sauce, dessert, etc.

My husband homeland, Kerala is the largest coconut growing state here in India. It is so important that the family won’t function properly without coconut. I remembered laughing so hard when I saw “The Coconut Research and Development Center” while driving there one day…They really take coconut seriously there.

When coconut is young and green, it contains the clear cool water inside. This coconut water is so pure and sweet carefully protected by the smooth jelly meat around the shell.

It is a rich source of electrolytes, antioxidant, vitamins and minerals. Coconut water is such a perfect refreshing drink in the hot day. It is so good for our body, better than most sport drinks.

We turned the car around and met a friendly coconut vender. He was so sweet and more than happy to show us a step- by step method to open coconut. It was the busy hour and many people gathered around the cart but still he managed to personally take care of every thirsty customer.

After drinking the fresh and sweet water from the coconut, he magically transformed the outer green skin to an organic spoon, so we could scope the delightful, sweet, melt-in-the mouth jelly inside.

It was so worth and we could immediately feel the body recharged with pure energy. We felt fresh and clean. We will go back there again during the weekend and bought some young coconut for some cooling coconut punch in the bright warm afternoon.

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