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Saturday Cricket

My husband company is organizing an internal cricket match this Sunday. We went to watch the training this morning in Pune university cricket ground. It was a perfect morning with the clear sky and warm sunlight.

This ground is usually crowded by many groups of people playing cricket and football in the morning and evening. I carried a book because I wasn’t sure if I could really enjoy watching sport. Unlike my sister who is a sport fan…every kind of sports she would become a fan, I am not that much into any kind of sport. But it’s a happy time to just hang out with family and friends.

We let Yaseen explore the ground and he basically clawed and rolled on the mud and dried grass. 

I started reading the book as the guys started the game. It was hard to take a glance when there were constantly that kind of excitement noise, cheering and shouting with these kind of actions….

and these…

and these….

It was pretty amazing to see the dedication and such joy.

Have a nice Weekend,

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