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I Found it!

It’s been over few months of trauma and sadness for me when I lost my wedding ring. I’ve been crying, frustrating about it for quite sometime since it mysteriously lost and nowhere to be found. I searched my whole house up-side-down.

We were going out to buy a pineapple and I was searching for the key in my handbag where I was so sure that I kept the key in this morning when I found a tiny tear in the front pouch.

I thought the key might go inside so I started fumbling in that tiny hole in my bag.

I pulled out the old motorbike keys, my watches, a hundred rupees, few candies and finally MY WEDDING RING!!!! I was in the air in the second jumping up and down. Yaseen didn’t know anything but also joined the jumping. I ran to the phone and called my husband to deliver the good news.

Apparently it was with me the whole time hidden in the bag I used regular. I was so happy and relieve. So before you throw away an old bag, you might wanna check inside the lining first because you might find a lot of things in it. 

Thanks you for praying for me and helping me through the hard time. When I entered the blog world I didn’t know that it’s gonna be an important part of my life. I didn’t know that I will be connected emotionally to a lot of bloggers and the readers. Sometimes your stories help me cope with my issues, you help me improve and you make me laugh. You also make me gain a lot of weight and make my family happy with new delicious recipes. You all are someone I would love to meet in person someday… and have a bbq party 🙂

So I found it… my ring, my precious 🙂 I will never lose it again. I’m currently looking for a new handbag….a royal one… the one that doesn’t hide my ring!

Have a happy day,

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