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We are back from the short vacation at my husband hometown, Kerala. It is the place where you can easily fall in love with. The sky is so bright and the people are kind and friendly. My husband told me Kerala was considered the top 10 must see destinations in the world by The National Geographic Traveler and I must agreed, it is one of my favorite place on earth.

So before we are getting into the eating and the cooking, we would like to officially introduce you to this beautiful state.

Kerala is also called “God’s Own Country” by the other name. Someone told me the reason it was called that way was because in Hindu mythology, Kerala was created by an incarnation of Lord Vishnu by throwing the axe across the sea. Kerala is created by God, so it is called God’s own country.

But I love to believe that it is called God’s own country because it is so beautiful and somewhat close to heaven.

Kerala is famous for cruising along the backwater on the houseboat, Ayurvadic treatment, beautiful farsighted beaches and luscious green lands.

Kerala is richen by thick coconut jungles covered on the wavy mountains with the long rivers slithered betweens the hills.  It is so far the most green and clean part of India I have seen.

The thing I don’t like about Kerala is its baking heat and humidity. But in Monsoon season, on the other hand, it is so cool, beautiful and romantic, and so it is my favorite season and the best time to visit. You would sweat a lot and the sun block would just melt away from your skin, and this kind of weather make me feel so drowsy, especially in the afternoon after the heavy delicious meal, so better relay on the shade of big trees near the river in the afternoon for a long nap.

The rich soil of Kerala is suitable for important spices like peppers, cardamoms, turmeric, etc. Along with the aromatic spices, this luscious green paradise blanket with tea, bananas, coconuts, and cashew nuts plantations. Most household have their spices and coconut garden in their backyard which I truly jealous of.

I love the way Kerala people are proud of their culture, tradition and ways of life. They are always so sincere, kind and welcome you with warm hospitalities. The children are so neat, tidy, humble and obedient which make me so heartfelt in love with them.

As it is the Spice Garden of India, Kerala offers the colorful and delightful dishes. Kerala cuisine brings varieties of intense spiced curries to the really mild and creamy one. It has the selections of best vegetarian dishes I have ever tasted. I love waking up with the light warm rice pancakes with creamy vegetable stew on my plate, and have the spicy fish curry with rice in the afternoon, and then have anything with coconut sprinkled on later for afternoon snack. Coconut is the important ingredients which I notice presented in almost every dish. It tunes the spices down and makes the dish more balance.

So that was it… see places, eat and meet people…that’s all we did last week. It was a simple and perfect vacation. I will tell you more in details later 🙂

Have a beautiful day,

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