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Calicut Beach (Kozhikode Beach)

When we were in Kerala looking for Calicut Corporation Office for some official enquiry, we found ourselves driving along the beautiful coastline. Yaseen put his head out the window and let the smell of ocean enter the car. We couldn’t wait to be done with our business and jumped into the warm sand.

Calicut beach or Kozhikode beach is situated on the long Calicut city shore against Arabian Sea. It is a beautiful and perfect retreat for the locals as well as tourists.

We drove pass fishermen village that settle on a part of the beach, the delightful smell of dry fish and seal salt overwhelmed me.

There were so many little restaurants casually operated just opposite to the beach offer local cuisine with fresh ingredients. We peaked in some restaurants where the spicy and sour fish curry and aromatic fried fish served over rice in banana leaves lured the crowd in. We started to feel hungry even after a heavy lunch and a package of leftover in our hands. I told my husband to take me to this kind of restaurant next time.

We rushed to the beach as soon as the car park with Yaseen in the frontline. I kicked high heels out off my feet and get myself comfortable sandals. We obviously didn’t dress for the beach, but who did. Everybody seemed to be comfortable in Sarees and other traditional wears.

It was about 4 in the afternoon and the sky was bright and clear. The cool breeze gently ran across our face. We felt so calm and alive at the same time. The fresh air allowed the locals and tourists to lie back against the shiny hot sun.

The sand was pale peach in color and its grain was fine and warm. The water was clear and clean. The only perfect thing to do right there was sitting on the moist sand, enjoyed the views and watched the children diving in the sparking water.

I loved the rustic ice-cream venders stroll the delightful cooling ice-cream cart along the beach and grasp the attention of the soaking wet children straightaway.

Yaseen eyes caught up with the colorful stall on the beach with colorful balloons and toys that made him rush toward as if he found his best friends.

My favorite thing in the beach must be this cart. This pickle cart has variety of toothsome pickle of green mango, pineapple, carrot, banana peppers, Chinese apple, etc. It is so refreshing and perfect bite for this sassy beach.

 While we were leaving, more and more people joined at the beach and it became more lively and vibrant. We wanted to stay and watch the dolphins jump against the illuminated horizon, but we had the busy appointment.

 We would definitely stay until late night next time we visit Calicut city in Kerala.

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