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Ice Apple

Kids really love snacks and treats. In fact, that are all they’ve been munching all day long. They love snacks more than a real meal and I don’t blame them. I did the same when I was a kid and sometimes I still do…

When I was a kid, many of our favorite treats didn’t come from the package or supermarket. We always went for the live source where they were so much fresh and fun.

Growing up in the village surrounded by woods and farms, we knew where to look for juicy fresh wild berries, perfectly ripe mangoes, fruits and nuts.  The best part of all these was losing ourselves in the mysterious nature.

Palmyra palm fruits or toddy palm fruits were some of my childhood favorites. It looks really similar to coconut but smaller and darker in color. When you open it, the lightly sweet jelly meat is placed in the center. It is tender, transparent peal white with sweet juice sockets in the middle when it is young, and grows harder as it becomes older. It is really delicious, healthy, and packed with minerals.

We won’t be able to get the spikes of the heavy husks down by ourselves, so we usually begged our uncles to get them down for us. They obviously risked their lives for the kids as the trees were more than 3 stories high.

Another thing I love about it is when the fruit become really ripen; it is oozing with sweet fruity yellow juice. We noticed the smell miles away which led us to the fruits. We would carry these super ripe fruits home so our mom would make some steamed rice cake with palm fruit pulp for us.

So when we found these delicious palm fruits (also called “ice apple”) on the afternoon drive in Kerala, I didn’t have to tell my husband to stop the car. He knew I wanted them and he too loved them.

Whenever I go back to Thailand again, I will show you the trees which these fruits are grown and I will show other usages of these amazing fruits later… steamed rice cake, cute hairy dolls, ice-cream, etc.

Until then….

Take care,

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