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Little Owls

Everyone in the family has been unwell again with viral flu for a few days now. Yaseen has been crying all night long for 3 days which made us felt so exhausted. Other than troubling at night, he also demanded to be attached in my arms all the time. We were frustrated and tired especially in the beginning of the day.

When Yaseen woke me up this morning, I know he felt a little better. We decided to go for a walk in Pune University, our favorite spot for the warm sunlight and some nice breakfast.

It is late winter here and the use to be lively green trees turned dry and empty. Every bush and leaf is faded. But somehow we could still see the beauty in this withering garden. There were pale pink flowers grown on the naked limbs of thin trees. They looked like Sakura in Japan. It felt warm and amorous walking there in this calm day hand in hand.

As we making our way pass small woods, I caught a sight of a tiny fat bird fly to dried bark. Ahhh that’s an owl! We couldn’t really notice what it was until we got a zoomed shot from our camera.

My husband quickly snatched the camera from my hands and started taking the pictures. We went further inside the woods and found out that this little owl had a boy friend 🙂

The couple lives in the cozy hollow in the tree. They are the little owls; they look so cute and innocent. We could get more pictures if it wasn’t the super enthusiastic Yaseen yielding “Bird! Bird! Bird!….” all the time.

My husband told me he rescued an owl once when he was a kid. His family scolded him for bringing the little owl home. They said it would die and owl was considered to be odd and misfortune there. He told them he would take care of it and it would become his friend. Sadly it died few days later, just like they said.

These cute little things really brought the smile to our hearts today. We had a really wonderful morning. Everyone felt so much better. So owl doesn’t bring us the bad luck after all. It touched our hearts and made us felt so wonderful.

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