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Kottakunnu is the large table land above the hills in Malappuram district, Kerala. It is a beautiful hangout spot for family and friends.

Kotta Kunnu means Fort Hill or hill which had a fort before or look like a fort. It was an inhabited place few years back, there used to be a well with a tunnel built within. This tunnel believed to be connected with another well in the near by district head quarters, very close to a river. It is also believed to be constructed by an ancient South Indian king.

Dilu, my favorite girl (my brother-in-law daughter)

Later, this place was used by British (during their rule in India) and Indian police force for their training and law & order keeping activities.

It was a popular spot where kids used climb up to play and was used for political gathering of mass meetings.

Recently, tourism department has developed this place with necessary facilities like a buildings, stalls, pathways, parking, helipad, etc., made a picnic spot and weekend getaway for locals and visitors. The place also provides an open air auditorium where you can host beautiful functions.

Sadik in Loongi (saroong).... Kerala traditional wear

There are a long jogging and walk ways perfect for evening strolling with the love ones.

The large lawns on the hill are great for picnic, sitting and letting the children run and rollover.

The fantastic and astounding 360 degree view of nearby vallies and mountains (coconut trees everywhere) is the obvious main attraction of Kottakunnu. There were movies shot against the beautiful sceneries up on this hill. Many young love birds came for marriage photography usually hanging in the calm and romantic corners.

The local munchies and ice-cream are undeniable good. I love grilled corn with spices and lime and the kids would always go for cold fresh juice and ice- cream.

Just down the hill, there is the Water Park, perfect for the hot day. It is always crowded by innocent little children and families.

I love when the sun is about to set and everyone’s minds occupied by the suiting shade of red placid across the sky. The sun dims itself down allow the tiny stars and the moon to shine away. The surrounding hills and mountain become darken and they too, are glittered by the neon lights and people homes’ lights which were hidden in the thick blankets of coconut trees. It is so peaceful and mesmerizing at the same time.

We sat there and waited for the last ray of light to fade away and then went home with the really wonderful feeling. I hope to go back again next time with more troops and food for picnic 🙂

Have a nice day,

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