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More Munchies from Kerala

If you have been following my blog for a while you will know so much about Kerala already, and it is like my second home. One of the reason I love going back there so much is because the greens and freshness sprouted in every corner of the state.

The exotic young pineapples looked more likely to be flowers promised and made me hoping to come back in few months to taste its delicious juicy chucks. They blossomed the inspiring love colors on the roadsides and the beautiful gardens of ever houses. I fantasized about picking up fresh pineapple and run my sharp knife against its fresh skin and drop its mellow meat in my yogurt or spicy red seafood curry.

In the afternoon, I would sit in front porch of the house which clouded by the thick green branches of guava, rose apple and egg fruit. I felt so rich and privileged to just grasp these fruits from the branches to eat on whenever I want.

The children adored these glistening pink fruits. They were as gentle as rose but the flavor is explosively sour with a hint of sweet that we barely recalled. I didn’t particular love the taste of it; I preferred its cousin species which gave big sweet juicy green fruits. However, I admired their glossy beauty that ornamented the big green bushes.

Next to the pretty rose apple, there is an equally amazing tree that Yaseen confusingly called “apple”. It displayed an abundant supply of yellow fruits. When the fruit ripe, it gives an interesting flavor and texture almost like avocado and hard boiled yellow egg mixed. And that’s why they’re called “Egg fruit”. You could enjoy the fruit just like that or spread it over the slice of bread or even make a delicious milkshake out of it.

Green mangoes were hanging from the trees and I didn’t believe they stood a chance to be ripe because the people just loved devouring this crunchy sour fruits in every imaginable ways like making chutney, adding in fish curries, pickling, or just eat. I too enjoyed fresh green mango dunked in spicy sauce made with chili powder, sugar and fish sauce, it was so delicious.

Green papaya reminded me of Thai papaya salad and meat stew with green papaya. Just the thought of this made me unbearable hungry.

I will say no more about coconut… you know we love the fresh coconut water, its tender young meat, we used it a lot in cooking, and we love it.

There are so many fresh ingredients in this beautiful tropical paradise. For someone who love cooking, seeing this exotic goodies gives the wonderful inspiration. I was in the food paradise soaking with new experiences and learning more information.

So at night what we were doing before dinner which usually came really late than our regular schedule? We browsed through the calm and rustic street searching for egg puffs, cutlets, ice-cream and other local snacks.

This Middle-East influenced snack was local favorite. We always went to grasp the bites in the busy juice bars where they grilled the piles of Arabian marinated chicken upfront in an unusual grill. The meat was super tender served on fresh flat bread with cabbage, carrot and onion.

Eating and traveling in Kerala could be one of the most wonderful experiences anyone could get in India. The food is insanely cheap, clean and delicious. You would be exposed to new fruits, vegetables and ingredients everyday. People are kind and really love to share a cup of tea with you. We are going back again in rainy season where we will be cozily cooking at home and explore the jungles in heavy rain.

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