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Soy Sauce Eggs

I first tasted soy sauce eggs bought from the morning markets. In the transparent plastic bags contain two dark brown eggs, a piece of tofu and a chicken foot. It was so savory sweet and rich.

Of course the market bought version couldn’t compare to the bubbling hot heavenly delicious one we made at home. The thing about home cook food is we always tend to flourished it with the best and the healthiest ingredients we could ever find. It is as luxury as it is cozy. So the economical chicken feet in the dish would automatically replaced by our very own whole home grown duck. Similar way, the humble chicken eggs were undesired and substituted by the large rich duck eggs.   And so, I believe my dad’s melting sweet tasty pot soy sauce and Chinese 5 spices braised dish is the best in the world. When it was done, then duck meat almost melted away, the eggs was perfectly flavored and the yokes was rich and creamy. The gravy was the most exquisite part of the entire dish; it was so thick and rich. The flavors and aroma swam in this glossy dark sauce.

So that’s how I learned to braise whole chicken with soy sauce as in the recipe I posted a while back. Another recipe using the similar technique is Soy Sauce Eggs which we really love. It is quicker and easier. It is perfect for a party appetizer when served with ginger pickle and some fresh coriander. It is wonderful with cooked noodle and the kids love the sweet juicy gravy on their rice.

Soy Sauce Eggs

Ingredients: (3-4 servings)

6 large eggs

6 cloves garlic- roughly bruised

2 inches long fresh ginger- roughly sliced

1 tbsp Chinese 5 spices powder

2 tbsp soy sauce

3 tsp sugar

2 cup chicken stock

1/2 tbsp oil


Hard boil the eggs, peel and keep aside.

Heat large wok or pan over the medium heat and add oil.

When the oil is heated add garlic and ginger. Briefly stir for 30 second or so.

Add Chinese five spices, soy sauce and sugar. Stir further for 10 second or until fragrant.

Add chicken stock, hard boiled eggs and bring to boil.

Let it simmer for 20 minutes with the cover on.

Open the pan and check the flavor and thickness of the gravy. (I couldn’t resist throwing in some chicken legs) If  the sauce is not thick enough, simmer further without the lid until you get the desired consistency. The gravy should be sweet, a little bit salty and aromatic.

Serve hot with some rice or noodle.

My husband was in love with these eggs when he came home for lunch. The eggs were perfect with the suiting brown in color and the flavors absorbed from the outside. The gravy was sweet, rich and flavorful perfectly hoisted the plain taste of cooked rice. Yaseen loved mixing egg yoke with rice soaked in the whirlpool this delightful gravy.

Have a beautiful day,

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