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Have I told you that Yaseen and I won a gift voucher from McDonald few weeks ago? McDonald India has a wonderful contest in Facebook asking people to share their favorite McDonald moments. We entered the contest by sharing our super amazing moment when we were exhausted by hunger and dehydration and found McDonald paradise on the highway. We love going to this page and look at the funny photos and reading about people’s favorite moment in McDonald.

Do we really need an introduction to here? I believe most of us enjoy these family fast food restaurants since childhood. We love the instant bites and quick meals.

When we wake up late in the weekend, we rely on McDonald hot cake with warm maple syrup.

Picture from McDonald Malaysia

If we are in Malaysia, we would definitely go for Bubur Ayum McD for a warm comforting chicken strips in flavorful porridge.

I came across a really interesting article about McDonald’s Strange Menu Around the World. It’s fascinating to learn that different countries have their very own favorite menu.

Picture from McDonald Hongkong

I am in serious trouble addicted to Taro pie which is available in Southeast Asia countries. It is always hot and melting. The sweet creamy taro reminded me of my mom’s taro cream which we spread on toasts when we were kids.

Picture from McDonald Korea

Or how about a quick juicy Bolgogi Burger right now in Korea?

So what’s the strangest McDonald menu you have ever come across? Do you have uniquely interesting McDonald menu in your country?

I’m lovin’ it,

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