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Bourbon and Jelly Milkshake

The sun harshly shines through the bright sky with baking heat mercilessly for a few days now. Summer has arrived too early, and winner is leaving so soon. We are not quite ready for changes. The city feel dehydrated and the heat vigorously increases in the afternoon. I felt the need of icy cold drink by my side all the time.

When you travel to Asian countries, you expect to see a variety of funky cold drinks served with lots of crushed ice or shaved ice. These colorful drinks beat the heat in the summer day and rehydrated your thirsty body.

There is no restriction and limitations to the modern Asian Cuisine. It keeps reinventing, adapting, changing to accommodate new tastes and trends. Last time when I was in Thailand the deep fried spiral potato on skewer sprinkled with paprika was served during the cold rainy evening and the giant bowls of colorful dessert with shaved ice and coconut milk could be found in every steamy hot street. Right now, I miss this sweet ice shop the most. The soupy dessert with glittering ice flakes is all I need to stay calm under the glistening sky.

Bourbon and Jelly Milkshake is not only a fun, but delightful drink. I used to have a glass of jellies buttermilkshake years ago in Bangkok, and I just felt in love with the idea of using desserts and treats for milkshake. I love Oreo milkshake, Cookies and M&M milkshake, Candies milkshake, etc.

The colorful fresh soft jellies perfectly contrast to the crunchy crumby texture of bourbon. It is playful, fresh and refreshing.

Bourbon and Jelly Milkshake

Ingredients: (2 servings)

A handful of fruit jelly

5 bourbon biscuits

2 tbsp sweeten condensed milk

1 cup milk

1 1/2 cup crushed ice


Add everything in the blender.

Blend until smooth.

Serve immediately.

This milkshake was really delicious. We love the beautiful grainy textures of ice mixed with bourbon crumb. Jellies gave a slight fresh fruity touch to it. It was scrumptious, relishing, and so perfect for this shiny afternoon.

Have you tried any fun drink lately?

Take care,


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