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Summery Saturday

It is the first weekend of the year I truly realize that we are in summer. No more mist blurred my bed room windows in the comforting cold morning. I don’t want spicy hot soup for breakfast. I want to replace hot cocoa to a cold one. The sky is always clear and bright. An intolerable heat is leaking from my windows and walls when I wish for it to rain or hope we could join Song Kran festival, the festival of water, in Thailand this April.

We went to my husband’s office soccer match on Saturday at the beautiful peaceful Papal Seminary ground. My husband company has always organized fantastic get-together and games. People are so enthusiastic, and the food & drink is supplied around the clock. Yaseen was so excited to be out and meet everybody who now he felt quite acquainted. The dusty dried soccer ground was awesomely surrounded by the beautiful trees which gave generous cool shades for all of us. I couldn’t imagine playing at that moment, it was hot and sunny. However, everyone seems to be so spontaneous and full of energy which really kept the good games going. My husband who usually worked on computer, or rarely moved on our comfortable couch in the living room, somehow was filled with ambitious force and decided to play. I was quite surprise to see he run after a ball a few times.

I extracted myself away from keeping an eye on Yaseen and the games a few times to attend to the beautiful scenery surrounded me. The beautiful fresh greens sprouted in the dry bark magically like a cool spring in the desert. I just love color greens, how it suits my eyes and how it makes me feel so inspired. The greens are also smell so fresh and lively. It was unexpected to see such greens in summer.

The games were concluded at about noon, and the sun expressed its power as highest. While strolling around the city for a nice lunch, we noticed the city has already prepared itself for summer. The fresh sugarcane juice stores rang the beautiful rhythm in every corner of the sunny street. Earthy sweet from fresh juice squeezed out of the perking sugarcanes in the local machine is what best drink this season.

I fall in love with my new found ice-cream shop that served the creamiest and densest fresh ice-cream with lots of luscious flavors to choose from. I love the perfect gelato like Alphonso mango flavored ice cream. I was so rich and beautifully caress our tongue with delicate scent. It was the best mango ice- cream I’ve ever had.

The crowd gathered around fruit stores that served chilled slices of fresh fruit and cool juice is the perfect aestival picture you find on the summery Indian road. It is instant fast nourishment for the city’s thirsty souls.

Summer is my least favorite season but strangely summer food is my dearest preference. Summer cooking is vibrant, colorful and sassy. I love that summer food is always fresh and exciting. I have excuses to have ice-cream and slurp some indulging milkshake more than ever.

Summer, for me, also means “Mango”… the most highly anticipated ingredient in my kitchen right now. I simply can’t work with canned mango, so I have been waiting for some fresh seasonal organic plumiest mangoes for my summer recipes.

Are you about to have the change of season, too? What is the most exciting thing that may arise in this upcoming season?

Have a great weekend,

1 comment to Summery Saturday

  • Your summer weather sounds wonderful. It gives us hope for the warm days to come.

    We are also beginning to see a change in seasons. This week, the temperature should finally rise above freezing during the days. That means that most of the snow will melt soon. Even so, it will be at least two more months before it gets warm enough for anything to grow in our garden.

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