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Sugarcane Juice

Nothing beats the dry summer heat like a fresh cooling glass of sugarcane juice. As the bright shiny season unfold, the sugarcane farmers set up the rustic shades around the city with some energizing cold sugarcane juice flies out every other seconds.

Sugarcane is a tropical spice of tall grass having fibrous stout and jointed stalks which are prime sources of sugar. It is grown throughout Asia and other tropical countries and being harvested for sugar, molasses, rum, eternal, etc.

Growing up in Thailand, I had such a close relationship with sugarcane. Thousands of overloaded sugarcane trucks passed my street each day during November. Hundred of acres of lands are covered by the wavy rough sugarcane leaves and millions of beautiful delicate white blossoms sprouted on tops when they were more than ready to be cultivated. The children possessed the privileges to enter any sugarcane plantations without permissions to grasp a few juicy stalks, remove the hard shelled skin off with their bare teeth, chew off the juicy sap, and spit out the fibers on the ground.

Raw sugarcane juice is a rich source of natural sugar that makes it a healthy energy drink. It is the choice of drink in the city right now as you can almost hear the bells which are tied up to the twining wheels on local sugarcane juicer, ring all over the city like a magic chant enticed you to just have a glass of it.

I love this agrestic sugar can juice extractor with a simple method of pressing out the raw sap with just two cycling rolls. Few fresh clean stalks are inserted to the machine through a rolling pressers squeezing out the raw juice dripping down to the container below.

The process is repeated a few time to ensure all liquid is drained from the talks which later will be transformed to organic fertilizer or fuel. A few stalks yields about 2-3 large glasses is really a fruitful result.

The juice, then is strain through a fine sift and served immediately with few crush ice, a pinch of salt if you like.

Sugarcane juice is refreshing and sweet with an earthy grassy aroma. It gives a resilient bright flavor at the first zip and continues to bring more vitality to the entire glass.

Have you ever tried fresh sugarcane juice before? How do you like it? What’s your favorite summer drink?

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