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Free eCookbook- Sassy Asian Party Cookbook

While I was away with moving my site to the new hosting plan, as promised, I composed a small ecookbook for everyone. Just in time for spring/summer, these recipes couldn’t be more perfect for this lively season.

I have been working on 2 cookbooks for a while now, one of which is going to be published at the end of this year. Writing cookbook make me realize how much I love food and cooking and how I want to learn more recipes and techniques.

While the book is waiting to be edited and come out to public, I wanted to share a small chapter in the book which I call β€œSassy Asian Party”. I spend about a week collecting pictures, filing the recipes and design it to an easy-to-read and follow book. Though all of these recipes are already available in my blogs, but I think you would love the new format I design.

As I say, this is a free ebook, so please feel free to download it for personal use and share it with friends and family. Tell all your friends and everyone you know to try out these sassy simple Asian recipes. You are also permitted to print it for your kitchen but not to distribute for commercial purpose. There could never be enough cookbooks in the household because we are always craving some new exciting recipes to try.

Click here to download

If you have trouble with downloading please contact me at so I can send it to you by email.

I hope you enjoy this little ecookbook and bring these joyful recipes to your table.



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